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Found 2 results

  1. Well, I do not know how it ended up happening. But last night, while I was asleep I was having some kind of random dreams. Many of which were disturbing but were very cool as well, however one in particular came to my interest and to my liking as well. The dream was the last of the sleep's running dreams, and it was as you already figured it out about Anokata himself. From what I remember and almost very accurately, I was having a talk with Shuu, Shinichi in his Conan form, Heiji and surprisingly Shuukichi. I saw them animated of course and it was from my point of view so I did not know if I was animated as well, however after the talk I was struck from behind after leaving the room with something heavy which I presume to be a bat. Then what I remember is that I was inside a moving van with a black mask on my head as I heard the engine running and the sun that shined upon my face through the window of the moving van had my eyes see a very blurry scenery of what is outside, the van came closer to a very big and tall building with some men in black similar in appearance to Tequila and Vodka specifically. As the van entered the basement of the building the men took off the mask that was covering my head and while holding me very tightly they took me to the highest floor, once there they tied me at the end of the hall while my movement was limited as if I try to move to my extreme right or left I would be seen by a camera that had a laser installed to that once seen it would burn me up. But strangely I saw somehow the Detective Boys being captured and crying for help while Agasa is brutally questioned, I was worried (like seriously I was somewhat conscious and knew they are anime characters and would be eventually rescued) and yet I tried to look to the other side which was my right. And there a terrifying scene that I witnessed yet bumped to see, a man in a large office like that of a CEO typing at his computer very fast. Once he glimpsed at me with a black silhouette like that of the criminals seen in DC with shining red eye ( at first I thought it was RUM), but then I quickly returned to my position so he won't notice me glimpsing. Yet again in my head I kept thinking that the whole purpose of DC is to find out his identity, and somewhat magically if I see him his image will be widespread and Conan would know of him. So I said what the hell it is a dream and at least a glimpse won't hurt and at last I would find out his identity, so I turned again to my right and there he was getting angry because he knew I was looking. Then stood up this large man with a scarred right eye while the other was glowing red ( I still thought it was Rum) with tall greenish lit bright brown hair and a large beard than extends to his stomach while his face was turning red, he was getting angry on my curious behalf. His green suit was an attention seeking one, but once up he spoke with a harsh voice:" You are dead, though I liked you". I was surprised at first but then I relaxed as I knew his image will be spread so I did not care much, he shot me with pinpoint accuracy. And while I was in pain from the shot I dropped from the window that laid behind me to fall down while my back was to the ground, while falling down I was kind of happy that the boss would come to an end but I was somewhat disturbed by the smirks and the devlish smiles of the men in black that were standing near to the windows all over the building. Truly like ravens waiting for a prey to fall so they enjoy it, but from behind I heard sirens and Conan's voice. And that were I woke up and the dream ended. I was not watching or reading anything related to DC yesterday and I know that my dreams usually come to exist in a form or another, so for a moment there I thought that would be somewhat similar to the real DC's ending. Hope you like it, a dream that is one of many relating DC that had me worried but I enjoyed as well!..
  2. I finally uploaded my very first fanfiction. I hope you enjoy it! Please review and comment! If you have any suggestions (perhaps the writing style, grammatical mistakes?), please post them here. I will appreciate all comments, so please tell me if there is a plothole in the story. I'll update as often as I can. If you would rather read here, open the spoiler boxes. Chapter 1: (Silent Friendship) Chapter 2: (Unshared Secrets) Chapter 3: (Ochre Sunsets) Chapter 4: (Truthfully Beginning) Notes:
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