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  1. I am okay.Because I don't live there but in that earthquake many people died.

  2. If you read this sentence,now you are a fool:D

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    2. Kaung Myat

      Kaung Myat

      Really!!!I don't like being a fool but sometimes fools' talks are right like you.

    3. IdentityUnknown


      Yes, fools can survive. For instance, say they mistake where the battle is. They end up living another day.

    4. DetectiveR-2011
  3. Tonight I will steal you.(kaito Kid)

    1. IdentityUnknown


      Hmm...I'm still here...

  4. Tonight I will steal you Kaito Kid

    1. Kaung Myat

      Kaung Myat

      Tonight I will steal you. (Kaito Kid)

  5. Sometimes Detective Conan is boring but Kid cartoon never boring

    1. ikg


      True !!! ^^*

    2. Kaung Myat

      Kaung Myat

      Thank you for commenting and nice to meet you(ikg).

    3. ikg


      Nice to meet you, too! -- welcome to DCW :)

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