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  1. It possible to a certain extent.....maybe something happened that changed her insight on something. EX: found shinichi in love with haibara and doin "funny business". then I can imagine her like literally getting all mad at both haibara and shinichi but probably more at shinichi since she waited all this time for nothing, like literally nothing. then She will basically kill him with a single HI-YAH!!!! Other wise than that....can't imagine her becoming a bad gal unless she fakes it to see shinichi...... she's just too kind hearted and sensitive i mean she can't even see or be near other dead people.....she freaks out at seeing blood.....no the odds are not in favor.
  2. you're so good at digital art!!! :grin: I'm horrible at it especially with the mouse.
  3. Just thought what if ? Practical Application Ran came to meet Shinichi one day, To go ask him and say: Can you help me with my H.W. in math? And Shinichi replied, “Okay.” So they walked to her place, While Ran was stuffing her homework in his face, Walking to and fro between in haste, Before they arrived at her place. Once he settled down, Out on the couch cushion mounds. Shinichi stared at Ran. His stare intense, A deep dark blue. Ran feeling suspense, Not knowing what to say or do. Shinichi says he was teaching her arithmetic, And that was his mission. He then lifted Ran’s chin and kissed her once, Saying, “Now that’s addition.” As he kissed her smack by smack, In silent satisfaction. Ran sweetly gave the kisses back and says, “Now that’s subtraction.” He then kissed her and she kissed him, Without an explanation. They look at each other and smiled and said, “Now that's multiplication.” Then Mouri Kogoro saw them there, And made a quick decision. He judo threw Shinichi three blocks away, And said, “That’s long division!” Characters: Ran Mouri, Shinichi Kudo, Mouri Kogoro Lesson: Shinichi, next time when you want to kiss Ran, make sure her dad isn’t there watching you.
  4. Let me re-word this: How would ran feel and do if shinichi just literally doesn't like here romatically anymore cause he fell in love with someone else? Ex: Ai which will never happen....I hope.. But then again she would committ sucide which means shinichi/conan would put her on a suicide watch if he returns to his original form. If Conan doesn't return to his original form then.....two things can happen 1: Conan confronts ran and explains that he's shinichi blah blah and the Pill and cheesy stuff then tells her to stop waiting for him cause he's already here and they can just be brother/sister or friends....then ran kicks conan : For the sauna thing cuz shinichi saw her naked, and then she will cry for days and turn into an emotionless person. 2:Conan confronts ran and explains that he's shinichi blah blah and cheesy stuff then tells her to stop waiting for him cause he's already here. Then Ran will Confront Ai and tell here to give her the posion, she refuses afriad she will die, ran knocks her unconcious and takes the poison then two things can happen: She dies cause this is her motive of suicide or SHe will turn into a mini ran and live happliy ever after with conan who is shinichi and grow up together once again in their childhood lives. :-D <3 <3 <3
  5. This amv is based on the original Taylor Swift music video: Mine since it's so related the Ran and her process of love. Here parent fight and divorced like in the original video. Her dad is careless while she is careful: "careless man's careful daughter". I just switched it up a bit here and there. Hope you enjoy
  6. So a made a little vid, about shinichi and kaito fighting over her. Now isn't that sweet...
  7. Happy Easter everyone. So there rae so many pairings and I decided to annoy both shinXran conXai kaitoXaoko cause The 14th movie inspired me to make a pairing that will never happen but if it does, it will be funny and epic with lots of steam coming off off of shinichi. XD I present to you Kid steals ran It's in black and white cuz i'm too lazy to color. XP 1) red; 2) blue; 3) light blue green; 4) purple; 5)Orange; 6) yellow; 7) brown; 8) pink; 9) white; 10) green
  8. So I got bored and wondered when is shinichi gonna kiss ran? It's been like over 600 episdoes already and no smooch from shinichi to ran. The Live drama annoys me since they were this close to kissing and somthing has to intterupt them. So I decided to make one my self in pictures since I don't have an animation making software. I wish I have on though....
  9. I wanted to post this when it waz Valentine's day...... but oh well I got bust so I posted it today. I hope you like it
  10. Ran Moorie

    Movie 8 theme

    Happy holidays everyone. This is my cover of Dream x Dream from the DC movie: Magician of the Silver Sky.I hope you guys like it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2iiS1mEg94
  11. So here is the fandub of tomorrow is the last time. English: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqNUrc6c35A Japenese: www.youtube.com/watch?v=gM9uVglhAAI [edited by Southpaw to remove direct links]
  12. thanks! I didn't expect it to be that good oh and i will try to sing tomorrow is the last time.
  13. So i sang this song when I had a cold so it's not really good. :-| I own nothing but my voice and the english created lyrics. japenese: www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6P7YX-sKUY English: www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLIhgRw75dA [edited by Southpaw to remove direct links]
  14. pretty good! :grin: the instumental and sound quality isn't the best but it was still good though. +1
  15. Ran Moorie

    AJ's Art Thread

    Nice :mrgreen: +1 the only thing that looks slighty weird about shinichi is his eyes other than that it's really good oh and could you draw ran plz pretty plz?
  16. ok That whatever I typed sounded soooo stupid
  17. Nice drawing +1 rep I wish I could draw on the computew like u. I suck at computer drawing . But ran is crying because shinichi kissed ai/shino :sad: .....But that will never happen right?
  18. Thanks everyone and thanks Ayame Tantei Kanna Natsumi for the rep. :grin:
  19. Thanks for the advice i'll be sure to work on it!
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