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  1. anybody here have pict of Detective Conan's Cover Volume 73 ???

  2. fine ^__^

    btw today is Aoyama & KID birthday

  3. happy birthday for Aoyama sensei & KID ^__^

  4. just this that i know: The issue of "Detective Conan, quarter-hour of silence" is "Survive at all costs" in the snow. A guest has been chosen according to this movie! "Being in the field of war is to come back alive" ... The guest is the war photographer, Yoichi Watanabe ! Mr. Watanabe will play this time to an inspector. Stay tuned to what inspector will! Watanabe: I'm Yoichi Watabane, war photographer. I am delighted to play an inspector in the movie of Detective Conan. If we talk about Conan, we speak of mystery, but within the war reports there is plenty of mystery to the world. I think you put much effort and I would be careful talking and speed not to fail.
  5. pray for japan, hope aoyama sensei safe..

  6. the man with camera is the guest for this year’s Detective Conan movie is war photographer and TV personality Watanabe Youichi. In his interview with Weekly Shonen Sunday, he says that he feels honored to be able to participate in the 15th Detective Conan movie and will do his best in his first voice acting role
  7. why shun oguri must replaced with Junpei??? and tomoka, i think prettier than kutsuna aoyama sensei, why they must replaced???
  8. happy new year ^__^

  9. happy new year ^__^

  10. happy new year ^__^

  11. happy new year ^__^

  12. happy new year for DC lovers all around the world :)

  13. nice to meet u too :)

  14. thanx 4 adding me ^^

  15. thanx 4 adding me ^^

  16. ditha

    i'm newbie

    thanks all :grin: :wink:
  17. aq jg dr indonesia :-D lam kenal :razz:
  18. haiiii :grin: i'm ditha from Indonesia ... actually me Conan lover for 10 years ago, but just now i'm join in this site well, nice to meet u Conan lovers from anywhere u R
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