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    Thanks for all the commenting <3 I went through all my chapters and read what you had to say (i'm just a lazy ass and decided to only comment on the last xD) But hey, thank you SO much for reading this <3 if you like I'm trying to start posting my fanfics onto my Fanfiction account which I'm going to bring to life tonight (or at least within the next hour before i decide i should sleep :3 ) On Fanfiction.net my username is Kiel95 ~ I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I only hope my writing has improved since I wrote this... (most of my DC fics are months old since i worked on original stories for a few months, and now i've started Kim Possible fanfics xD)

  2. That's not fair D: you're leaving me :'( i know i'm not on a ton because of school and stuff... but it'd be nice if you checked in every once in a while <3 i can't get on too often, but i'm trying... it makes me sad when one of my oldest buddies on here leaves... i know i'm not one of the oldest members, and i don't know tons of the new ones... but you were a great friend... I'm gonna miss you if you don't stop by.... so... at least try to stop by occasionally ok? :') it'd make me happy <3

  3. If it's clean, like Gravitation (anime, my friend warned the manga was notsomuch) then it's all fine.

    I don't care for either one, if only because they tend to be explicit and plotless,

    but they are both touching and sweet just as any Boy+Girl pairing, provided they lack R-rated material.

    now that i can sorta agree with~ i'm not an extreme lover of all the explicit yaoi and yuri scenes, but when they're adorable plots and only shounenai or shoujoai it's amazing :D but either way it's still usually really good :D i do wish that yaoi and yuri weren't so porno like >///<

  4. oh oh! i wanna add my two cents!!!

    It's not the easiest thing to tell if a guy likes you unless he tells you outright or you overhear him talking about it... the thing is, even though everyone's telling you signs and such to look out for... it really depends on the guy. I mean, I have quite a few guy friends and we talk a lot. I mean, if i was an attractive girl then i might actually thing that they might like me from their actions, but i'm not and i know better xD also, knowing their personality, this is how they act with everyone... even the girl they do like (and yeah, i actually know who a few of them like, and it isn't me... so i can at least tell with them...) but it really does depend on the guy.

    there are all types of tips and tricks you can use to find out... but wouldn't it just be easier to confront them about it than doing it in a roundabout way? if you don't tackle it head on there could be confusion, and that could be dangerous to the friendship.

    Well... whoever reads this... GOOD LUCK! I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!

    (ah, and be very careful when listening to my advice, i'm not lucky with guys... and i pay little attention to them romantically as i prefer girls... just a fair warning)

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  5. dude, guys can like yaoi... i mean, my friend max reads yaoi (of course it took a while for us to corrupt him so) but now he reads it ;D and yes, he has a girlfriend so he's straight...... wait... but we always call him a girl... i guess that makes him a lesbian... woo!!!! yaoi x yuri for the win :D

  6. \o/ Awesome ending! Hope to read more of your fics in the immediate future...

    AkaShi? Cooooooooool... Good Luck! Knowing you, I know it would be fantastic!

    thanks :D as soon as i find it in the abyss of my 223 notes on my phones notepad i'll get back to work on it :3 it has a more complex storyline to it... it's like an extension of the actual storyline... where the organization has been gone for a while now... but it's not the end.. >:)

  7. D: you just have not yet been corrupted as me and about half my friends have been :D (and of this half... only a few of us are actual manga people in general ;D which makes it all the more satisfactory that we got ppl hooked on it :D )

    yep, i'm a yaoi and yuri fan! i mean, i've been reading the easier shounenai and shoujoai since 6th grade, and i don't remember when i started to read actual yaoi and yuri... but i love it :D I guess I've just been exposed to it longer so it doesn't affect me and i've come to love it <3

    oh yeah, and that awesome pic... i hadn't seen that xD but someone had told me that before and i couldn't help but laugh :) It was PERFECT <3

  8. Oh yes, I forgot to mention this in my earlier rant.....

    For all you religious people where everyone says, "God doesn't like gays, he doesn't approve of them" well, I'm sorry to say this, but weren't you the ones that also said everyone is god's children and we're all made in his image... isn't it obvious then that he put gays on this world because they're also part of his image? (I mean, as a joke I heard... if jesus was his only son and we are all gods children, i guess that makes us all women, so our whole world is a mass of lesbians~ so think about that ;D )

  9. It's been so long since I've been on and there's been so much grammar that I'm getting confused (and English is my first language)!

    I think the real problem is that there are many ways to phrase sentences. The English language has an extensive vocabulary for us to dip into when looking for a word to have a specific meaning. We have a great deal of words which are synonyms, but we also have a great deal of phrases which can be shortened into one word. That's why it becomes so confusing. Sometimes you all mention two sentences and are confused which is correct. It is a complete possibility that both are. I'll write two sentences for example:

    1) Timmy was running around and tripped.

    2) Because Timmy was running around, he tripped.

    Of course they typically are meant for different situations, they can sometimes be substituted out.

    Another reason English is so confusing is because of the fact that no one really uses proper grammar.

    Proper grammar may seem to formal at times so we feel more comfortable using improper grammar and slang. In books where you'd expect to see proper grammar, there's a good chance you won't. As a writer and an avid reader, it's quite obvious that many books do not follow proper grammatical structures. My stories do not. It's because if they did, the flow would be disrupted, and my style would cease to exist. Most writers have their own style, and that style typically breaks grammatical rules here and there, but that's normal. If we couldn't break the rules it'd be as if we're trying to read older books where the way of speaking is so old and unused, we get confused as to what is actually going on.

    ok... after talking for a while i need to stop before i hurt my brain... i can almost guarantee one or two of my sentences are not grammatically correct, but I can't be sure they are... why you may ask? Well for one, when learning english as a second language, you go into more detail about grammar, and that's the way it is when learning any language other than your first... but here in america, though i went to one of the best middle schools, not once did we ever hear words like nominative, genitive, dative, etc. I learned those sorts of words through learning LATIN. There's a distinct difference between learning english as a first language, and learning it as a second. Yes, for being graded in school, learning it as a second language will actually benefit you more, but learning it as a first will enable you to sound more natural.

  10. AWWWWW! I missed a whole discussion!!! I actually could've said a lot a bout this, starting with the fact that I think that on the poll ShounenAi and ShoujoAi should be added. Of course Yaoi and Yuri are typically explicit, they're SUPPOSED to be explicit... ShounenAi and ShoujoAi are the less explicit, more implied ones! That's what you all need to read to really be able to tell.

    Now then, on to the other part of the discussion I missed... about Homosexuality.

    For all those who say it's a choice, it isn't, trust me, I know. It wasn't a choice for me.

    Also, what was said earlier is true, just because I like someone of the same gender does NOT mean I fall for all the girls out there. We have standards too! Since I'm actually Bi, I like guys too, but I don't fall in love with every guy out there either. There are those I'm attracted to of course, but that doesn't mean I LIKE them.

    If you think it's wrong for homosexuality, I guess it's wrong for me to exist like this, because unlike how when someone stated that if gays had a choice to become straight they would, believe me, they won't. It's like how the deaf have their own culture and don't want hearing aids, homosexuals are going to want to stay the way they are. The only real reason homosexuals would 'want' to change, is peer pressure, and not always simple words. There's violence all over because homosexuality isn't normal, because people are prejudiced. I've read about all the different things that happen to them. It's terrifying. I'm lucky I live in an area where homosexuality isn't that prejudiced (at least at our school it isn't) hell, I even have a good amount of friends who're gay. So what? That doesn't mean they're constantly hitting on me, or on others. Now, I feel uncomfortable stooping so low as to use this, but think about Obama. I'm not a fan of his since he's done so much crap while in office, but, he did do one good thing that I will acknowledge. He removed "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." It looks like we can finally step forward in this world, but those who are extremely against it don't seem to see that it really is like racism, and we're basically starting the whole war all over again. When I think about it, a lot of homophobes only are that way since they're too afraid to come out of the closet, even to themselves! I know that's not true for all of them, and some of them are homophobes because of the way they were raised, religion, family, etc., but they do need to deal with the fact we will forever exist. Look at the world as a whole. There's homosexuality everywhere, not just humans. There are gay animals all over, more than half of the species in the world have a good percent of gays, but do you know what? We're the only one's who are prejudiced against them, the only ones who don't seem to understand that it's just a natural drive, something that we're born with. I read an article a while back, it was about two twins, one was gay, one wasn't. They grew up in the same family, the same love and care and devotion, but they both just had different preferences. One had planes and G.I.Joes and such, while the others room was pink with barbies and such. He'd even painted his nails to go to school one day. If you had to guess, would you think that one of them was going to be gay? He wasn't treated differently, and he wasn't even aware how different he was, he was only being himself, I mean, as kids, could we actually pretend to be someone else successfully? Did we even know that the concept of homosexuality EXISTED? And if we did would we really have cared? We're all mammals of the same species, can't we just leave it at that?

    Now then, thank you for reading my rant. I am biased as I am bisexual, but seriously looking at the part where I talked about animals and how many of them are gay, it's true. Google it.

    I'm so sad I missed this discussion... but i figured I would still post this :) maybe others will eventually read it xD

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  11. Great! :D An AkaShi fanfic??? It's sounds wonderful! :lol:

    Will be waiting for it! :D

    haha thanks :) i'm still working out the kinks~ but i have already started it and posted a few if you haven't seen it... i don't remember the title though so i gotta recheck that ^^;

  12. thanks guys! I try my best!

    I'm glad you all enjoy it :) It's been so long since i worked on a fiction... i mean, this one has been done for a while... i just had to type it up and submit it ^^;

    but now i'm thinking i need to get back to my AkaShi fanfic (i know a lot of people aren't fans, but i wanted to be the first to start writing one... so i already posted part of it xD i mean, if you search, like no one else has ever posted an AkaShi fanfic, at least i couldn't find a single one when i started to write mine!)

    anywaaaaaaaays~ I'm glad you all enjoyed, and I do plan to upload more fanfics in due time :) ... hopefully before the school year ends xD (which is months away thankfully :3 )

  13. I named my Arcanine Kyuu..... .... (it's my favorite Pokemon right now....) ... Hmm... I'm wondering if Shiho would really be that open about her relatives being dead... Especially her sister... I'd imagine Ai always hurting whenever she thinks of her sister...

    I see her hurting about it too... but i also see her as the type that would try to put up a brave front by pretending it's no big deal and that she's over it, that she's strong... I mean... she does seem to do that sometimes (unless the BO is involved, then she says screw this, I'm scared as hell xD)

  14. ok everyone, thanks for bearing with me here, this'll be the final chapter~ Hope all you aicon and shinshi's out there enjoy!!

    When Shinichi woke up the next morning he could smell something delicious. He slowly sat up and looked towards the kitchen.

    Sure enough the lights were on and he could hear Shiho cooking inside.

    "Morning Miyano-Sempai," he said slowly.

    He couldn't see Shiho but heard her reply, "Morning Kudo-kun, sleep well?"

    He cricked his neck and replied, "Just a bit sore, but otherwise I slept fine."

    "That's good. You woke up just in time too. Come and get some breakfast."

    Standing up, he made his way to the table. He sat down across from her and she served them food.

    When she sat down she asked, "Really Kudo-kun? Boxers at the breakfast table?"

    "I didn't want to sleep in my school clothes."

    "I see, and the reason you didn't pull on your clothes before entering the kitchen is...?"

    He was silent for a moment and said, "Be right back."

    A few moments later he reappeared in his clothes and sat back down to eat. They were silent for a bit, but finally started to talk a bit.

    After finishing up they washed the dishes.~Kiel95

    "Is there a reason why your cat keeps staring at me murderously?" Shinichi asked as he glanced at Kyuu.

    Shiho chuckled and replied, "He's very possessive and since you slept here he's quite angry about that."

    "I see," he said simply, but he really didn't. The cat didn't really surprise him anymore, but he didn't really think the cat could be that possessive.

    A second later he felt a sudden weight on his neck and then it was gone. When he looked down, his tie was gone. His head swiveled around until he laid eyes on his missing tie. It was in Kyuu's mouth.

    He immediately began to chase after Kyuu who managed to barely avoid him.

    Shiho ignored the commotion for a while and dried the dishes herself, putting them away. After a while though, she began to get annoyed with the two rampaging around her place and she said sternly, "KYUU."

    Kyuu jumped and hurried over to Shiho with the tie.

    She took it from him and gave him a disapproving look. Then she turned to Shinichi who was puffing outside the kitchen. Walking over she placed the tie in his hand and said, "Instead of romping around my house with my cat, how about you put on your tie and I show you how to get home from here?"

    "Hai..." he said in embarrassment. He quickly pulled on his tie while she slipped on her shoes and retrieved her house keys.

    As they were leaving, Shiho turned and called back, "Bye Kyuu, watch the house."

    Kyuu meowed and she closed the door and locked it.

    The two walked in silence for a good five minutes before Shinichi finally spoke up, "Miyano-sempai..." he started.

    She rolled her eyes and said, "Kudo-kun, you don't have to call me sempai, I was joking around."

    He was a bit surprised since he thought she'd been serious this whole time, and he'd been struggling to remember to call her that.

    "O-Oh, well... I was just wondering what you're doing for the rest of the day."

    She shrugged and said coolly, "I'll probably go home and do some research."

    "Research?" he asked with a cocked head.

    "I'm a scientist. I always have something I'm wondering about and wish to research."

    "Ah... Well... how about you put that off and go to the movies with me?" he asked with a childish grin on his face.

    "I'm guessing it's a detective movie since you aren't asking Ran... Am I right?" she asked with a knowing smirk.

    He jolted. Then he muttered, "W-Well yeah... but I was going to go alone. I just thought I could pay you back for dinner and letting me stay over."

    She thought about it for a moment and shrugged replying, "Sure I guess."

    He grinned brightly.~Kiel95

    After getting to his house, he changed into some casual clothes and then the two left and headed for the theater.

    Shinichi paid for the tickets in and Shiho chose the seats at the far back. No one was going to sit behind her. She was, as always, slightly paranoid.

    It was a bit different than what Shiho was expecting. There was a bit more romance than mystery. She thought he hated romance.

    During the movie Shinichi turned to Shiho and mumbled, "Erm... Miyano..."

    She turned to him and raised an eyebrow, "What?"

    "I... actually wasn't planning on ever watching this. I've seen the books you read before. You like romances and don't really mind mysteries. I thought this would be a good way to pay you back."

    She smirked, "You sure you didn't do it just to ask me out on a date?"

    Even in the dark she could see how embarrassed he was.

    Then she heard him mumble, "I did do it to ask you on a date."

    She cocked an eyebrow and a small smile played on her lips.

    Then she leaned over and gave him a peck on the cheek. "Thanks for bringing me here. Next time though, just ask. You don't need to give excuses in a round about way to ask me on a date."

    he was gaping at her for the thousandth time as she turned back to the screen with a satisfied grin.

    Before his mouth could close, she slowly interlaced her fingers with his and real genuine smile rested on her face.

    Shinichi couldn't' help but smile as well. Things were looking up.


    Hey, thanks for reading! It'd be great for a critique or two! It's been a while since I wrote this, and I hope i've improved since I did, but I'd love to hear what you all have to think about this! Hope you all enjoyed!!

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  15. the last part was where shiho had given shinichi a verbal lashing after he'd accused her etc etc... so here we goooo

    Shiho turned and walked deeper into her house, going into the kitchen and beginning to cook. Without even an ounce of her dark tone left, she called out, "Are you eating over or not?"

    He licked his dry lips slowly as his stomach growled, he was starved. "Uh, I'll eat over."

    "Ok then. You can wait in the main room. Remember to take off your shoes and put on some slippers."

    Shinichi did as he was told and sat down on the only seat in the room, a loveseat. It was really comfortable.

    He closed his eyes to think as he gently rubbed his his eyes, and before he knew it, he'd fallen asleep.

    Shiho finished making dinner an hour later and brought it out.~Kiel95

    When she saw him asleep, a small smile tugged at her lips. She whispered gently, "Sorry about earlier. I was just a bit angry, but I'm glad you still want to be friends."

    She covered his portion and placed it on the table in front of him with a note. Then she sat down in the kitchen and ate.

    After eating, she cleaned up her dishes and headed to the bathroom, locking the door and proceeding to turn on the shower.

    When she'd turned it on, Shinichi woke up and looked around, forgetting where he was. Seeing the note and bowl, he sat up slowly and blinked.

    With sluggish movements he picked up the note and read it. "Kudo-kun, just heat up the food in the microwave if it's gotten cold. When you wake up I'll either be in the shower or asleep. You can stay the night if you wish. The closet in the hallway has extra blankets and pillows. Help yourself to the couch you were sleeping on."

    He could hear the shower running meaning that she was still awake.

    He took the bowl of food in his hands and could feel the heat still radiating from it so he figured there was no point in reheating it.

    It didn't take long to devour the food since his stomach was dying for it. With his dinner finished, he headed to the kitchen and washed the dishes, placing them on the drying rack. Then he headed into the hall to try to figure out which door was the closet.

    He was about to try the first one when it suddenly openend and he was standing face to face with Shiho.

    Her hair was plastered to her face and her clothes were small and formfitting. She was only wearing short shorts and tank-top.

    "Ah Kudo-kun, I see you've awakened."

    He turned red and stammered, "I wasn't trying to peak, I was just wondering which door was the closet and decided to try them all until I figured it out!"

    Shiho could tell he wasn't lying and pointed to a door a bit farther down. "That's the closet. I take it you're staying the night?"

    "Yeah. I glanced at the time, and since I don't really know where I am I figured I'll leave tomorrow when it's bright out."

    "That's fine." She turned and walked to the door at the very end of the hallway. "Goodnight then."

    "Er... yeah, Goodnight."~Kiel95

    She entered her room with Kyuu plodding in behind her, leaving Shinichi alone in the silent hallway as she shut the door.

    He silently went to the closet and pulled out a blanket and a pillow. Then he went back into the main room and placed them on the couch.

    He hesitantly went down to the end of the hall and knocked on Shiho's door.

    "What is it?" he heard from the inside.

    "Can I take a shower?"

    "Sure. There are extra towels under the sink."

    "Thanks," he called back through the door.

    Walking to the bathroom, he shut the door and locked it behind him.

    He found the towels where she'd said they'd be and pulled out a hair towel and a body towel.

    When he'd finished his shower, he dried himself and then pulled on his boxers, heading for the couch. He didn't want to sleep on his uniform since it'd be wrinkly. Instead he folded them neatly and placed them next to the couch before he climbed onto it and wrapped himself in the blanket, falling asleep quickly.


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  16. and here i go again! ah, so last time shiho and shinichi were in shiho's classroom after school and shiho was making shinichi turn bright red, and the last thing she said was "Oh, don't tell me you're jealous Kudo-kun, jealous that I love Kyuu?"

    Shiho was completely serious about her love, she did love Kyuu. He was her best friend and such nice company. She was completely attached.

    Kudo-kun's spirit seemed to deflate and leave his body as soon as she said, "I love Kyuu."

    Outside the room door, Ran and Sonoko were staring with wide eyes and gaping mouths.

    They'd followed Shinichi wondering why he needed to go to the senior classrooms. While listening first they believed Shiho was coming onto Shinich and was going to kiss him, but they were utterly shocked when they heard her say she loved Kyuu. Now they wanted to know who Kyuu was, almost as much as Shinichi. They figured it had to be some sort of nickname, but they had no clue it was a cat.

    Shiho smiled and pulled away.

    "Well, if that's all you came for, I need to get back to cleaning," she stated.

    He stood there dumbfounded and continued to stare as she went back to work. It only took her a few more minutes to finish, but Shinichi was still frozen in place.

    Rolling her eyes, she grabbed his arm saying, "Come on, let's go. If it's going to affect your functioning this much I'll let you meet him."

    He stumbled after her as she dragged him along.~Kiel95

    Ran and Sonoko tried to keep up, but they lost them after a few turns. They didn't realized Shiho had caught onto them and shaken them off before she turned towards the apartment complex she currently resided in.

    As they walked up the steps, she pulled out a key and unlocked the door, stepping in and saying, "I'm home."

    Shinichi stumbled in mumbling, "Excuse me for intruding..."

    A small furry and black thing pounced on his face. He stumbled back against the door before Shiho could pull the little fuzzball off his face.

    Shiho smiled as she gently rubbed the kitten in her arms which was purring heavily.

    Shinichi blinked in surprise.

    "Kudo-kun, meet Kyuu. Isn't he adorable?"

    He gaped at the kitten which stared at him and hissed.

    "Kyuu," Shiho said sternly.

    Kyuu stopped hissing and looked at Shiho with big eyes.

    "Kyuu, this is my guest. Don't hurt him ok?"

    Shinichi asked as he put his back against the door, "What the hell is with that thing? And that's Kyuu?!"

    She grinned and said, "I found Kyuu in an alley. He was quite disheveled and suspicious. It took me a few days of bringing him milk and some fish before he trusted me. As soon as that relationship was established, he became attached to me like a dog." She chuckled as she thought back. "He's actually very useful and protects me quite well. There've been a few situations where he's saved me. Someone tired breaking into my house, he woke me up and attacked the intruder. I dealt with the thief accordingly. Also, I fell asleep while the bath was running and there would've been a fire but Kyuu woke me in time to stop it. He's such a smart little kitty." She smiled and rubbed her nose gently against Kyuu's who purred happily.

    Shinichi was at a loss for words. It took him a while before he managed, "Kyuu isn't a guy?!"~Kiel95

    "Well technically he is a 'guy' since he's male. But if you meant human, than no, he's not. Did you think I'd fall in love so stupidly?" she asked with a dry laugh.

    He was somewhat taken aback and said in his own defense, "Who knows? Maye you met someone you just wouldn't tell me about. I mean, it wouldn't be the first time you withheld information! It's like when we first met! I just can't trust you!"

    Shiho's face immediately darkened and he regretted his words. She said in a dark tone, "I didn't ever ask yo uto trust me. You chose to do so on your own. It was your choice of what to do with me. You're the one who decided to let the professor keep me at his place. I may have had no where to go, but you could've easily kicked me out. Don't blame me for living my own life now that I'm free. I don't have to tell you every little detail of my life anymore. I can be me, and I can go to a life where the syndicate never existed. If anything, it seems you're the one more unwilling to let go to the past than I am. I've pushed it all behind me, while you on the other-hand seem to cling onto it like a life preserver. Don't assume you can reenter my life just to drag me back into yours. I left yours after unknowingly dragging you into it. If you hadn't snooped you would never have had to leave your comfortable life. Now you're free yet you come crawling back. What does that say about you?"

    He was baffled and speechless. He didn't know what to say. She was right. He was still clingong onto the past, believed they were still partners and friends like before. In reality, that part of his life was over and he needed to move on. But was he ready?


    ok... that ends the next sectioooon <3

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  17. well, i'm trying to get out the whole thing before i get side-tracked again... sorry about any weird length chapters... i have no clue when i split the chapters, i just type for a while then end it xD so... here we gooooooo :)

    Shiho was the last in the classroom since she had cleaning duty. There were others who were supposed to help her out, but she promised to take care of it on her own since they had to hurry off to their jobs. She knew Fridays could get busy at some places so she let them go first as she was the only one without an actual job. Mika had told her in school that she was able to go back to work, so Shiho was off the hook.

    After everyone in her class had gotten to know her, they realized how kind she was. Sure she seemed like a cold fish at first, but she was willing to help out and wasn't as selfish as they'd believed.

    As she was cleaning, the door slid open, closed, and clicked as it locked. Nobody could get in.

    Shiho slowly turned to face the number one jerk in the class, "What is it you want Yamada-san?" she asked the teenage boy before her.~Kiel95

    Yamada was a very strong and handsome individual who was known to conquer every girl he had his sights set on, whether with their consent or not. They problem was that he never got in trouble since his father was a high up businessman with a strong connection to some of the worst yakuza in all Japan.

    He licked his lips lustfully as he replied, "I believe you know what I want." He'd obviously inherited some of the tendencies of those he hung around, thinking that no one could refuse him.

    "Oh? You mean you want me?" she asked bluntly. He was slightly taken aback since he wasn't accustomed to girls being so forward. She continued to mock him by saying, "Aww, isn't that cute? You actually think you have a chance with me."

    His eyes smoldered under her berating.

    She added fuel to the flame by saying, "See here Yamada-san, I don't like it when men think I'm easy. I don't like it when men stare at me lustfully. In fact, I'm not exactly a huge fan of most men to begin with."

    While he wanted to jump her in anger, his instincts kept him from doing so when he saw her cold eyes. Something was off about them, and they weren't as innocent and friendly as he'd seen when she was in class with friends.

    He was terrified since he'd seen those sort of eyes before. They were the eyes of a killer. He'd met a few assassins his father had hired. Her eyes were the same.

    Stumbling back slightly at the sight, he managed to catch himself, and when he glanced back at her eyes, the coldness had disappeared and he wondered if he'd just imagined it. After reassuring himself that it wasn't there, he let his anger loose again and lunged at her, figuring her earlier demeanor had been a figment of his imagination.

    When he found himself with his face to the ground and in pain, he didn't know why.

    Shiho was sweeping innocently.

    He blinked and asked stupidly, "Wuh... What happened?"

    She looked down at him and said with an emotionless voice, but her words dripping with venom, "Shall I show you again?"

    Cowering away, he ran for the exit. He fumbled for at the lock for a moment before he burst out, surprising someone who was about to enter.

    Yamada sprinted past the unknown bystander and was gone in an instant.

    As soon as the problem had disappeared, the bystander walked in. It was Shinichi. He closed the door but had no reason to lock it.

    "What's up Kudo-kun?" she asked without looking up.

    "Do I even want to know what was up with that guy?"

    "Probably not."

    "I see."~Kiel95

    "So what are you here for?"

    "Erm..." he started slowly. He was hesitant to say, "It's been bugging me for a while now, but who's Kyuu?"

    She turned with a questioning look and a slight smirk played on her lips when she saw his embarrassed expression.

    She placed the broom down and walked over to him. Gently she placed her index under his chin and her thumb right below his bottom lip. He'd never realized that she was slightly taller than him until then, and he stumbled backwards as she leaned over and looked down asking with a knowing smirk, "Ara ara, why is your face red?"

    His mouth was hanging open and unable to form words as his face grew another shade darker.

    She shortened the gap a bit more and their noses practically brushed against each other.

    "M-Miyano-sempai..." he stammered. This was so embarrassing for him, but he couldn't pull back, his body wouldn't let him.

    She smiled and cocked her head to the side and said simply, "Oh? Don't tell me you're jealous Kudo-kun, jealous that I love Kyuu?"


  18. I know it's been a long time since the last chapter... but here I am! You ready for this? :)

    Shinichi, Ran, and Sonoko were heading out to eat. It was Sonoko's treat, and also a trap. She'd wanted to try the food but didn't want to go alone, but as always she had calculated to bring Shinichi for Ran's benefit.

    To their surprise, upon arrival they bumped into someone unexpected, Shiho. They weren't entirely sure how to react. She wasn't there as a customer, or at least the uniform she wore didn't scream customer. Her clothes were waitress clothes, smooth, perfect, and not casual wear.

    Their mouths were agape as they stared at her, waiting for her to break the silence first.

    She just raised an eyebrow and asked, "How many?"

    The first to snap out of it was Sonoko, who quickly replied, "Three."

    "Right this way," Shiho smiled brilliantly.

    To everyone but Shinichi the smile looked genuine, but he'd seen the smile before. It was fake. Just a mask.

    She placed them in a booth and handed them the menus as she said with another smile, a bit less dazzling than before, "Your waiter should be here in a moment, please enjoy your meal."

    "What are you doing here?" Shinichi asked hurriedly, catching her before she was out of earshot.

    "I'm sorry, I've no time to converse. I'm currently working." She smiled politely and headed back to the front where she continued to seat customers and take calls.

    When they'd finished eating, Shiho was gone. Her shift had ended.~Kiel95

    As they walked out the door, Sonoko ran straight into someone's back.

    "You wanted to talk to me?" the figure asked, slowly turning. Shiho's cool gaze fell upon the three of them with a raised eyebrow.

    "Wh-What are you doing working here?" Shinichi asked hesitantly.

    "Is it really so wrong for me to have a part time job Kudo-kun?" He opened his mouth to say something but shut it almost immediately afterwards. She took that as a sign to continue. "My friend Mika-chan couldn't make it to work today and needed a temporary replacement. her mother fell down the steps and is in the hospital. That's why I'm taking over for a while until she can come back. It'd be bad if it took to long and they had to let her go since she wasn't there when they needed her. In the meantime i get paid 3/4s and she receives the other 1/4. She would've preferred if I kept it all, but she needs money more than me."

    Sonoko couldn't help but ask, "What? Are you rich? Your parents much be rich right?" She was completely blunt, too confident in her deduction.

    Shiho smirked and replied coolly, "Well I am close to rich, and your story is close to the truth. My last position was quite well paying and my money was placed in a bank account and has been sitting around, accumulating interest. Also, when I inherited the money my parents and sister left me, it did surprise me a bit. I'd much more money than expected. I never knew how much they had."

    "What do you mean the money they left?" Ran asked hesitantly.

    "Ara? Kudo-kun, you didn't inform them when they asked about me?"

    Shinichi shifted uncomfortably and replied, "I didn't know how to say it. And besides, what gives me the right to give out your information?"

    The two girls looked at Shinichi and then Shiho and then back to Shinichi for answers.

    Shiho answered with a dry smile, "They're dead. I'm the only person living in my family."

    Their eyes widened.

    Shiho sighed and said, "Anyways, I must get going. I'm making Kyuu wait."

    "Who's Kyuu?" Shinichi asked suspiciously.~Kiel95

    "Just a new man in my life," Shiho smirked, "but I don't believe that is any of your business, oh great detective. No need to pry into my life and know every little detail now." She then walked off with a slight wave of her hand.

    The three just stared after her for the second time that night. She was quite the mystery.

    As Shiho arrived at an apartment, she opened the door slowly and said, "I'm home."

    As soon as the door shut and she'd removed her shoes, she could hear the soft drumming of footsteps right before something leaped at her and landed in her arms.

    "Hello there Kyuu, and how was was your day?" she asked with a smile.

    In her arms the black bundle of fur looked up at her with shining bright eyes and meowed.

    Kyuu was a stray cat, one she'd found one day on her way home. She was lucky that cats were allowed in the apartment, as there was no way she would leave it out on the streets. The most surprising thought about Kyuu was that he acted so much like a dog. It was strange, but she loved him. She loved the looks and feel of cats and how solitary they were, but she also loved how attached he was to her. He didn't need all the pampering of a dog, but the loyalty to her was the same. Kyuu was definitely her best friend.

    She whispered gently to him, "You know Kyuu, sometimes I wonder if it would've been better for me to have fallen in love with you than with that idiot."

    Kyuu looked deep into her eyes as if understanding her every word and purred gently, licking her cheek in a surprise attack.

    "I really do love you," she whispered, but she wasn't talking to Kyuu, and a small tear rolled down her cheek.


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