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  1. A Leatherman knife is a multi-tool knife produced by the Leatherman company. Leatherman is a well-known brand that manufactures high-quality multitools. These tools include knives, pliers, screwdrivers, and other tools integrated into a single compact device.
  2. Here are some examples of sentences containing ‘Notwithstanding’. It can give you a better view of understanding prepositions that start with ‘N’ using ‘Notwithstanding’. You have to take care of its proper and perfect use.
  3. It's not particularly well-liked in my opinion, but then again, I don't think it merits to be much more well-known than it already is. In my opinion, there are many superior anime out there that merit far more attention (whether they do or not is a completely different matter altogether), and DC currently receives all the praise it deserves. But it's also a long way from being the worst thing I've seen or read. It's only because I'm nostalgic that I consider it to be above average. Concerning the "big three" shounen, One Piece is the only one that still merits any attention. Naruto has already been resolved (kind of), Bleach is no longer a popular show.
  4. I'll work hard. I've never changed anything on a wiki before, but after a little practise, I don't think it would be too challenging, especially if the formatting is already present and only the text is lacking. The editing guidelines appear to be thorough and in-depth as well, which is really good.
  5. I don't think most people have that view. People just desire immersion when they devote time to a tale; we read and watch fiction because we want to identify with the characters and experience their journeys alongside them. When the work itself lacks authenticity or realism, it is difficult to accomplish this. The actions made to both prevent and cause said harm lose their impact because characters are essentially untouchable and any harm that might occur to them is considered to be an artificial fiction for the sake of a spiel.
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