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  1. Amuro Tooru/Bourbon/Rei Furuya should be with someone. So, I think it's either Azusa or Vermouth. Cus they're close to him... So, who do you think?
  2. OK, I see a lot of Bourbon in here, and I agree he is handsome and cool. BUT, he's SO PLAYBOY like always trying to get attention of girls and whatever. So, since I'm a girl if I'd had to choose, it would be Akai Shuichi.
  3. AKEMI MIYANO ofc!!!! Here's why: 1. Akemi is sweeter than Jodie 2. Akemi is kind, patient, so she can help to calm Akai down 3. Akai likes Akemi more, here's proof: Even though Akemi is dead now, he doesn't wanna go back with Jodie but instead still think of Akemi
  4. I've always wondered what is the P.S. but most likely it would be to protect Shiho. This shows that Akemi knows she will be dead. The thing is that it means the body of the message kinda have no meaning. She asks if they let her go but if she knows that she is gonna be dead, it's either two things. First, probably she hopes that she will be let go. Secondly, it's probably to make the message longer so the P.S. can be hidden. That's my opinion.
  5. Kon'nichiwa! My name's Callista from Indonesia, and a HUGE FAN OF CONAN!!! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! (I'm still new here, so please tell me how to vote a poll, thanks!)
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