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  1. remus


    I had similar problems few days ago and could not find good soft for downloading video from Youtube. My friend suggested me to try this app . It is free and easy in using. This video downloader allows you to download any kind of video from YouTube in high quality. Truly say I am big fan of watching Youtube.
  2. remus

    Spoken Languages

    russian, english
  3. remus

    some clothers

    You can find latex outfits in some special shops. For example, you can check https://www.rubberloft.com/women-dresses-uniforms.html and choose some women costumes. That dresses is not cheap and looks very stylish. Few days ago I bought some latex dresses to my girlfriend.
  4. remus

    travel thread

    I am fond of traveling and visiting new countries. Few weeks ago I went to one paradise called Azores islands. It sitiated near Carribean islands. So you need to visit it when you will have such opportunity. Plus I like yacht walkings. And I had one in Azores islands. I booked it on https://sailica.com/portugal/azores-islands
  5. remus

    Apps and Games

    I am fan of Dota2
  6. remus

    Favorite Author

    of course Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his famous Sherlock Holmes
  7. remus


    what is your current job? or you are students?
  8. remus


    I am interested in Astronomy
  9. remus

    What do you want to become?

    i want to be a musician
  10. remus

    Any games that you currently play right now?

    Pokemon go, dota
  11. remus

    What game do you like the most?

    Call of Duty, owerwatch
  12. remus

    What's Your first Video Game console and Video Game

    Truly speaking I always play PC games,because I did not have any consoles. But two days ago I tried to play surprise box here https://drakemall.com/ and got games for Xbox. But I do not have this console so next time I want to get Xbox One.
  13. remus


    I am fond of traveling and like to visit new countries. So how many countries have you already visit? what is your favorite ones?
  14. remus

    Where is Everyone From?

    LA, USA
  15. remus

    Hello from Australia

    hello there. how are you