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  1. kimduhan


    Anyone have experience with using dating sites? Can you suggest some of them?
  2. kimduhan


    Guys, can you suggest apps for downloading video from Youtube?
  3. kimduhan

    Spoken Languages

    I can say that English is not my native language, but I am international student and use English every day in my studying. But my grammar skills need to be improvenment. Regularly I have some errors in my essays and research papers. So I used a little help with writing them on https://edusson.com
  4. kimduhan

    some clothers

    guys, where I can buy some latex outfts for women and men for adult party?
  5. kimduhan

    travel thread

    Why do you like traveling? where do you want to go?
  6. kimduhan

    Apps and Games

    I like to play CSGO with my friends. I have already took part in some local esport competition. Now I prefer playing CSGO like entartaining with other players on https://dreamteam.gg/csgo/players I think CSGO is one of the popular game among gamers. I like to play as sniper role.
  7. kimduhan

    Favorite Author

    I think it is hard for me to choose favorite ones. My major is English literature in college, so I have already read many classical writers. I need to write essay -review about my favorite author on 6000 words. I decided to write about Leo Tolstoy. I can not write my composition in time so I need to apply for help to uk.papersowl.com and get some help from proffesional writers.
  8. kimduhan


    I am university student. My major is literature. I want to be as school teacher. But I have some problems with writing some stuff like essays and course works. So my friend suggested me try to use writing service like PapersOwl UK and i will need try to use it
  9. kimduhan


    I am interested in computer science from school. Now I am college student and study computer science. In the future I have plan to get job in some American IT company. Rarely I have some problems with writing course works, so I use help of writing services like WriteMyEssayOnline
  10. kimduhan

    What do you want to become?

    I want to be a mathematician like Rene Descartes, who is my favorite mathematician and philosopher. We do not know much information about his life. I prepared essay about his life and work two weeks ago, but I got a little help with it from essay service Rene Descartes is a mathematician, philosopher, physiologist, mechanic and physicist whose ideas and discoveries played a major role in the development of several scientific fields. He developed algebraic symbolism, which we use to this day, became the "father" of analytical geometry, laid the foundations for the formation of reflexology, created mechanics in physics – and this is not all achievements.
  11. kimduhan

    Any games that you currently play right now?

    I am into CS GO. My friend suggested this game for me, when I asked him about interesting video games –shooters. I was interested in it, so started to play it. I am familiar a bit with CS 1.6 but CS GO a bit different from it. And esport betting is well known thing among CS GO players, so I want to try to play it too here
  12. kimduhan

    What game do you like the most?

    I am fond of playing video games and my favorite ones are PUBG, CS GO and Dota 2. My friends and I took a part in some local dota 2 tournaments. We had the third place. Now I am in to esport betting on https://mid.bet/ I put on different teams and sometimes got money.
  13. kimduhan

    What's Your first Video Game console and Video Game

    My first game was Pokemon on nintendo
  14. kimduhan


    I like traveling too. Few days ago I returned from my vacation to Dominican republic. It was cool adventure for me. I spent my time on Blue paradise resort where was cool parties and entertaining. Next time I want to go to other countries from the List of Caribbean Islands
  15. kimduhan

    Read Any Good Books Lately?

    I am reading interesting book now by The Grapes of Wrath» – John Steinbeck. The novel takes place during the great depression. A poor family of tenant farmers, Judah, is forced to leave their home in Oklahoma due to drought, economic hardship, and changes in farming practices. I was impressed by this book so Idecided to write paper about it. Btw, I am poor in writing so sometimes different services helped me with it like EssayShark