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  1. Hi. everybody. I'm Lily M. Kang and I'm from Republic of Korea. Actually I'm not good at English because it is my second language. Thus, my writing and grammar can be strange (it's already strange) so I hope that my english skill is develop... But to return to subject, I'm glad to join detective conan wiki. I'm have been watching detective conan since I was 6 so 'conan' is very special anime to me. And my favorite characher is of course Conan edogawa . I also like Hibara and Akaiā™„. I like Conan and Hibara couple but this will never happen.. Anyway, I'm happy to meet you!
  2. 'Dynamite by Mai Kuraki' is my favorite.. I actually like the music video in op39. (Conan in monochrome video:0) And 'Hello Mr. my yesterday' is my favorite ending song.
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