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    Unrevealing the Boss Identity

    I was wondering.... Ano Kata... Matching all expectations with the current hints.. Forward thinker... Will fend off haibara's sense... Will definitely surprise conan and haibara. Been in the earlier days of Detective Conan... Has cameo'd atleast once (actually its like 2 - 3 times). Good at password and puzzles. Loves liquer... and apparently young girls... It only matched one guy. One possible Ano Kata in the process of elimination.... One guy called 'sherlock holmes of japan' (actually self proclaimed, but the title shows as Legendary Great Detective). The same title shinichi kudo holds (modern holmes referring to modern holmes of japan). Appears in episode 67 (a TV original sadly(thus refers to appear 'somewhere')). Mentor of Kogoro Mouri, even shinichi seem's to know him and respects his skills greatly. He is wearing black cloak too. Very forward thinker, solves the case way faster than shinichi(Conan in this case). 平 八 郎 塩 田 HEI-HA-CHI-RO SHI-O-TA 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 烏 な ぜ 啼 く の Ka ra su na ze na ku 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Fits well.. (Presumption (Please try saying it with the tune)) He is a pervert. (I guess that would make Vermouth his favorite). Also someone Gin would respect. (if he is serious) Appears in 3rd season, please guess why I did not say 3 months He is also a Division 1, Detective of Tokyo Metropolitant Police.