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  1. Correction: you're like 10000‱ new


    So welcome to DCW! :) Feel free to leave a comment on my profile, if ever you feel like speaking.


    whoa, ya learn something new every day! thank you very much, by the by! C:


    Welcome Teddie.

    If you ever get lost in friendship and happiness, I can be your guide back to depression :3



    awhawhaw, noooo... :C that's so bad, ugh. poor fella!

    i'm doing pretty well right now but if you need someone to talk to, my ear's always open!

  2. Hey everyone! I'm Teddie, and I just wrote this on my about page so I'm gonna paste it instead of re-write it: I'm 20, male, and (incredibly) gay. I suffer from depression and anxiety on a daily basis but I'm getting help, and I like to write and roleplay.

    I also love Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Hokuto no Ken, and Lupin III. And a bunch of wuxia stuff!


    My real name isn't Teddie, but it's what everyone calls me 'cus I RP as a certain Persona 4 character so much. Nice to meet everyone and I hope to make some friends!!


    I've been a fan of Detective Conan since its english dub first premiered on [adult swim], I think. I used to watch it at like 5am when it aired alongside Lupin III.


    Anything else you guys wanna know about me? Please ask away, if you like!

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