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  1. rubber-covered copper strands that always get tangled up and you're like ???? how Define soda! or pop, or whatever you say where you are
  2. Oh, thank you! Furrr sure~!

  3. whoa, ya learn something new every day! thank you very much, by the by! C: awhawhaw, noooo... :C that's so bad, ugh. poor fella! i'm doing pretty well right now but if you need someone to talk to, my ear's always open!
  4. Oh, yeah it is! Hehe, thanks! To be honest, I'm kinda looking for some watching buddies or something because it's been forever since I watched the series and I am REALLY not caught up.
  5. Hey everyone! I'm Teddie, and I just wrote this on my about page so I'm gonna paste it instead of re-write it: I'm 20, male, and (incredibly) gay. I suffer from depression and anxiety on a daily basis but I'm getting help, and I like to write and roleplay. I also love Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Hokuto no Ken, and Lupin III. And a bunch of wuxia stuff! My real name isn't Teddie, but it's what everyone calls me 'cus I RP as a certain Persona 4 character so much. Nice to meet everyone and I hope to make some friends!! I've been a fan of Detective Conan since its english dub first premiered on [adult swim], I think. I used to watch it at like 5am when it aired alongside Lupin III. Anything else you guys wanna know about me? Please ask away, if you like!
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