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  1. Thanks Meitantei Holmes I wish I find the time to draw more
  2. It is easy,You can do it. You can learn how to draw. Try this site : http://www.drawspace.com/
  3. Great work.You are talented.
  4. Thank you very much. I saw your drawings. They are great. you've got a great future ahead of you !!! :shock:
  5. Your work is Great. I hope you show us high pixel drawings.
  6. Thank you. Unfortunately, I do not have the time now to draw more drawings. About graphic skills, I have some photoshop & 3D studio max skills. You can see my 3ds MAX work here
  7. Thank you very much. New drawings coming soon.
  8. Thank You. No but I wish to find the time to draw the other characters.
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