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  1. Hi. You're probably more keenly aware of this than I, but these forums are getting spammed by a bunch of users (who have names like axdsrhss—they're usernames comprised of just random jumbles of letters)—specifically, the "General" thread. Seems like every couple minutes, there's a deluge of posts by a bunch of users who joined this Tuesday. Their posts are just a stream of Korean(?) text. Any idea what's going on? (EDIT: Apologies if making a status in your direct feed wasn't proper protocol—I just didn't see the PM button until I'd already posted this status)



    At least 16 and 1/2 pages worth of topics in the general threads are now comprised of this deluge of posts from these users.


    EDIT #2:

    It's been 4 hours since I made this status—now there are 65 and 1/2 pages of these posts.


    EDIT #3:

    The issue appears to have been resolved. Again, apologies if making a status in your direct feed wasn't proper protocol.

  2. Is your alternate Bourbon arc fanfic dead? If so, it's a shame, but I suppose it was inevitable. -_-

    1. DCUniverseAficionado


      Might as well ask now, before you go of to... say, what manga has taken DC's place, in your mind (if there is one)?

  3. Took awhile, but here's something you requested back in January—a culprit gender tally

    1. DCUniverseAficionado



      270 Male

      82 Female


      209 Male

      79 Female

    2. Balthazar Manfredie

      Balthazar Manfredie

      to be honest i was thinking the the ratio would be 3:2.4

      in favor of the guys

  4. Feeling pretty awful about how I've come off to Kor and Waka. Let's just say that feeling horrible—for me—doesn't take much at all

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    2. DCUniverseAficionado


      Nah, just say why it sucks so I can have a baseline and so I can keep it on record. ;)

      And I just feel guilty—nothing rationality and positive (not naive) thoughts can't solve for me. :)

    3. DCUniverseAficionado


      By the way, I'm gonna PM you to finally give you the list of culprits and the gender tally for the manga.

      What, it's been four months? Really?! :/

      I'll get on the AOs right now. Hopefully I'll be able to get you the AO list by tomorrow, at the latest.

    4. Balthazar Manfredie

      Balthazar Manfredie


      I kinda forgot about that

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