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  1. Thanks for the welcome, Ai. But I subscribed here, because for first thing: I must to learn english, for my reasons. Even better, if you will correct me, I'd thank you so much!
  2. Not worth it quarrel for similars definition, Keep Calme, and thank you so much for the welcome! ^^
  3. Oh, you're welcome! I also, in the past, I tried to solve some cases, but I've had success rarely! If you wanted talk to me for some reason, no problem! How said E.T:"I will always be here!" Excuse me for this stupid citation! Have fun!
  4. Hi, Salut in all language of the world. I want to calm you about the your care, that you have expressed on this post: don't worry, you aren't only. taking a look on this page, I saw some guys like you and me that are not english native langua ge. I myself, for example, I'm not. I'm from Italy! Therefore, away the fears and have fun!
  5. Thanks to all for the warm welcome. Because I have to start my experience on this forum I will do a few questions: What are other manga that you like? And, where are you from? Oh, damn, I forgot one thing:"Thank you, knpce for added me at your friends!
  6. Hello, fans of "Detective Conan" or, if prefer "Case Closed". I'm an italian boy of 19 years old, that want to learn english. For this motive and also because I like this manga, I subscribed at this site! I hope to meet many people like me and not! See you soon!
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