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  1. This game translation is resumed , progress is being made. All updates here: http://ps2home.freeforums.net/thread/68/detective-legacy-british-empire-transla
  2. Oh, the game does run in full speed. The reason for the slowdonw, is the PS2 emultar, and my PC , which runs a bit slow. I tested the game in PS2 , everything works in full speed. So there is no problem. Sorry for the slowdonw, but the game uses 3d graphics which requires a lot of resources, and runs a bit slow on emulaotor only. Full speed on PS2. Cheers.
  3. First preview video of the game, remember , preview, far from complete. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7O5kZRqaaw Cheers.
  4. Thanks, I appreciate it. Cheers.
  5. What PS2 model do you have? What original games? Do you have any of the chea devices, like Gamshark, Codebreaker etc? It is better to softmod your PS2 and then play all the games you want. You can even play from USB or from HDD. Let me know, if you need help for softmoding it. Cheers. To avoid double posting: I will post a video tomorrow, so stay tuned. Cheers.
  6. I am forced too! The primary is ofcourse English, and the other French or Italian. I have French. But hey, I also know "beacoup" lol. Cheers.
  7. Well , they are quite short tbh. I can give them to you as plain video files. Cheers.
  8. Thank You! (again). In matter of fact, I was not aware of this game either. PS2 games released in Japan are very obsecure, but very precious ones. I am 16, but I have a strong passion for electronics. I became obssesed with my PS2 console, so I have spent like two years to learn how the system works and so. Knowing this, I had done game mods, and even more thing. Then I learned Vb.net proggramming language to code some simple apps. And then I learned C because the PS2 SDK compiles uses GCC. That way I managed to create some small homebrew. I do not know what pushes me into this, but I just love the console, and the mystery that it has. After I got the game, I studied the file structure for a day or two, and managed to extract every file out of the .DAT files. Someone wanted to work on the graphics and I sent him a few, and he has done a great work(I know a bit of graphics but not too much). Furthermore, a translator also wanted to help me, he is a offical one, and has done a great work. He has managed to do it via hexediting, but this is a great hassle, and after each line of text I was forced to work manually too, in order to adjust the text pointers size. I examine the script, so I know how to do it, and I am coding a script editor, so far is very beta, but it works. It reads all the lines , displays the nr of strings, chars, but I am having some problem with Double Bytes characters to display properly. If I open an edited English script, it works great. Pretty much that is it, it is my passion to the console and mystery which decided me to this project. It has a lot of manual work for me like packing and unpacking files but it is worth it. All I know about programming and PC is becuase of my pasion for the PS2 and my CISCO course, because other than other, I have learnt nothing in my corrupted school. As for the game, I will make a video and post it here. The game is quite awesome, 3D graphics, Conan can ride on a scateborad, can explore an entire castle with hidden doors etc, but even if the game was not so good, still it remains DC. In the uncpacked data there is artwork, game vidoes, bonues, which I will share latter here. Cheers. EDIT: It was not my intetion to double post, but I had a problem with adding the last image. If it is against regulation, please remove it. Cheers.
  9. Thanks for the welcoming Akazora. I am really enjoying this communitty. Cheers.
  10. Welcome to the forum, I am new too. I am 16 mmyslef, and damn , you know a LOT of languages. I learn French at school, but since I never opened the book, the onl word I know is is "Unite" lol. Welcome and have fun. Cheers.
  11. Welcome! I am new too. Melody hmm? I am pretty sure I have read a story with a charater of that mane, but I just can't remember at the moment. Still is is a good name. May I aks, if you would be willing to translate/sub some DC videos? They are quite short ones, and they are from a PS2 game. Cheers.
  12. "There is no more deceptive fact than an obvious one." "It is a capital mistake to theorize before having facts" "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." "His ignorance was as remarkable as his knowledge" -Sherlock Holmes-
  13. Ah got, well my real name is Mario, so I guess , I am your Mario-Senpai lol. Cheers, and thanks for the replies.
  14. Thanks Raki! Since my Japanese is weak (I know nothing lol) , what does Senpai mean? (If it is Japanese.)\ Cheers.
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