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  1. We already know that Ran has forced Conan to reveal his real identity several times before. If she had made it and conan really confessed, which episode would be the best ?
  2. i vote No. if he is the boss, why he tread conan well from the start, what his motive? and he can actually kill conan and haibara whenever he wants ....
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome guys, it was great that i know this place was fully peaceful
  4. yeah, how about make kogoro take it, i wanna see that-uncle-kogoro become a child, we can call him ko-chan :D XD XD
  5. yep, Conan x Ai-chan, if she wasnt Ran, Conan will actually fall in Ai-chan
  6. Hello there, im new here, so i hope we can get along
  7. So, if in the end Shinichi (conan) will be with Ran, Bagaimana dengan haibara ? sama mitsuhiko gitu? -_-

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    2. Rukia Kurosaki

      Rukia Kurosaki

      Knowing the way Gosho plays his romance,Hakuba will get a chance with Akako. Haibara will either remain shrunken to be with her friends (likely with eventual MitsuAi) or return to her original age (where there is no waiting love interest) but either meet someone when she returns or receive a confession of sorts from someone she knew.

    3. Sammy Ripper

      Sammy Ripper

      yeah, maybe its better if she wont turn back into her real body, and end up with mitsuhiko. but how about subaru okiya? everytime he appeared, ai-chan always get some weird black fog.

    4. Rukia Kurosaki

      Rukia Kurosaki

      *don't read unless you don't mind spoilers!*

      I don't recall if she got the same reaction from *spoiler* Akai, but *spoiler* according to most recent anime/manga and much fan speculation *HUGH SPOILER* Subaru is Akai, who used to be a member of the Black Organization, whose members she gets that aura from.

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