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  1. This morning's pic while Romeo and Juliet Role Play of the first two groups~

  2. mary Lyn Bueno mini akn mask ~ xP@lifetrotting nang hulmon ko ha~ :-*#mask #pink #role #play #guesthttp://t.co/7TmC40uqYu

  3. I need new anime list, Please~ Anyone can give me? just message me Thanks~ :D

  4. Hello Everyone! I'm still new here and I gave a thought of scanning through forums and I saw this thread. In my own opinion... I can't get over with the episode 26 and of course episode 617 I hope some can relate on these episodes >_<
  5. Hello Everyone!!! My name is... Nevermind... You can call me Marsh I don't know if I'll be active that much but I love talking about anime... I hope I can find new GOOD FRIENDS here~ Take care always
  6. Currently reading AGAIN "Kiss To My Prince" ~Konbannwa ne minna-san!#manga #reading #kiss #princehttp://t.co/WjVGdpMhqH

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