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About me


Hi!!!! :D And welcome to my ABOUT ME PAGE! 

Thank you for clicking in on my profile in the first place, and for being my friend in DCW. (Hint, Hint...)  ;)


So, my real name is Jennifer and I'm 14 years old, but I'm pretty sure you already know from my community page.  ^_^

   I finished reading a series called Percy Jackson, it's awesome!! You guys should check it out since it's really good. I'm just sad that it's over!!  :unsure: I mean, 10 years is too short, don't you guys agree? B)

       I love reading, go ahead and call me a nerd. hehe. It's a nice break from talking and just thinking. I'm I the only person who thinks in the shower?? No wonder I take long. :P  :D   I also love singing, been singing for as long as I can remember. I sing everyday... when I'm alone, with friends, or when I have free time I sing. I LOVE Japanese songs sooooo much :wub: And don't forget K-pop!! The guys and girls are really good looking. 


I love cooking, especially sweets, but too bad I'm not quite good at it. :blush:  Well, but at least Ran knows how to cook, oh how I am jealous of her boyfriend, to have such a good girlfriend to cook for him. Hehe :P


I also play the violin! Just like Shinichi!  :lol:  I wanted to play the violin because the sound is so beautiful, guess Shinichi thnks the same thing! I play piano too, for 7 years I think, or more.  ^_^ But, recently, I haven't been playing as much anymore. 


I am obsessed with tennis. I seriously love it! I am trying out for the tennis team at my school soon. Fingers crossed. Has anyone watched Prince of Tennis???? Your hands better be raised up. Hahaha, ;)


I also love singing all the Detective Conan openings and endings, they're so moving and catchy! :rolleyes:

I also learned the theme in Detective Conan on the piano. The song is called Osenchi na Ayumi. It's so beautiful and sweet, you all will feel relaxed after listening to it. ^_^ I have been learning other songs too, on the piano.

         I am not new to DC, quite old, but please support me and give me reputation points!


Remember to comment, post, and friend me on my page!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!! :D  ;)

~Jen-tantei ;)



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