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    Depression Club

    An accumulation of things I am unhappy/unsatisfied about. Things that i have yet to come to accept even until now.. I think. Yes, definitely. So insecure as a person..
  2. blue-y

    Depression Club

    I must say, I think i'm also in this perpetual state of depression. It's not like i don't smile or laugh or do other normal stuff, it's just that i know that deep down i have this constant depression. I think it's an accumulation of many things that have happened to me in the past several years. Kind of freaks me out to think that I do have depression at such a young age, but yeah more so recently I just have this feeling that I am depressed. Even though I laugh, and smile and all that stuff in front of others. It's like putting on a mask. Well not intentionally. It's just that when I'm left alone (like now), i just think of all sorts of unhappy things.
  3. Started off quite great, with me watching Nurarihyon no mayo: sennen makyou (the season 2)! The second season is just way way awesome than season 1! Glad I gave the 2nd season a chance. And then I heard the news of DCTP no longer doing the weekly episodes... :eek: It makes me sad, even until now :cry:
  4. Sad that DCTP will stop the weekly anime episodes.. But life just got to move on :( Wonder how i'd watch future episodes with english subs...

    1. mabel


      Maybe learn Japanese?

    2. blue-y


      Well that takes some time to do.. And if i can afford to set aside some time to do so. In the end i'm just looking for the most convenient way :(

  5. Wow it's been such a long time...!

  6. Hey~ What's up?

  7. I'll be really annoyed and irritated when somebody disturbs me when i'm watching my anime or reading! You mean music? You can listen and then play it? That is so COOL! :-o
  8. :D Thanks. I'll take care of myself! I'll be the most healthiest person in the world! XP
  9. Hi!! :D Please rest, don't get sick! Hahah i sound just like my mom ;P

  10. XD Thanks. ^^ But YES! Everyone here is AMAZING. I love it here... <3

  11. So far it's been great here!! People (like you) are all so nice towards me! XD

  12. The holidays is a time for me that I actually gain weight (from all the sitting down in front of the computer). So for me it is impossible to lose weight during the holidays! But this is just me... If you have the will, I'm sure it is possible!!
  13. Ohohoho~ Nice way too look at it! XD So how do like DCW?

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