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  1. It's okay... Misunderstanding happens. And thanks for thinking that I'm smart. :)

    But you're right. I'm stubborn as hell.

  2. ....

    No need to get all insulting. I am just saying. It's never goign to happen.

    No need to make it sound as though I have no brains.



  4. Nope. I am sooo hard-core ASIAN.

    But I'll vote for Obama if I have the choice. :P

    I saw your status ^^

  5. -continued-



    But I like pink diamonds though. :P

  6. Sorry for late reply~

    Anyway, what do you mean 'TOMBOYISH'?

    I am a tomboy- I fight plenty and I have a very loud and angry voice when I shout (blame it on army training).

    But I still enjoy being a girl though~ Dresses, skirts- no problem though I don't wear them excessively. :P

    Make-up? Sure. Jewellery? I like them!


  7. Thanks for adding me as a friend! :D

  8. Finally got a new broadband... The last one was roasted. <_<

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    2. A L

      A L

      Sure, so I can somehow read the future and copy what you will do and do it before you </3

    3. Valkyrie


      Sorry... Was just a joke mate! Don't take it too seriously! </3

    4. A L

      A L

      If I was a girl, I'd go moe and say "urusai! bakaxmultiple" and throw books at you. :P

  9. That's discrimination! The guy-est girl??? HONESTLY? Who is that boy to say such things?! Dx

    If I ever happen to drop by your school, I would show him how a guy-est girl behave! >:D

  10. Not really. :)

    I am happy if you are so if you think you like it, I'll support you. xD

  11. Yep, me too! :)

    So is it your hols now?

  12. O_O

    How are you talking to me when taking a bath?

  13. I like baths too but danger... I think I have my fair share of it so I'll take no danger anytime. :/

  14. Don't. I don't wanna get anyone involved in my... group's business. I don't wanna get anyone I care about hurt.

  15. Thank god you are. :)

    I nearly drowned that's all. Bad people tried to pull me down so...

    I live dangerously.


    The last time somebody did CPR on me... was a bad experience. He nearly broke my sternum. Dx

    Thank god for strong bones.

  17. I'm breathing... but I want to stop.

  18. Yeah.. They all have their BIG plans and they never see what they are doing to themselves now. :(

    I am just tired of their focus of the future but not the present.

  19. I'm a bit of a perv... I think. :P

    I am just very open and honest I guess. xP

    I don't really care. LOL

    And my lil sister is a perv?! Must be an effect of that boy who is scared of me. xP

  20. Sorry... But I think I deleted our pm.. Dx

    Can you start another one? Sorry..

  21. Exams are just over!! :D

    And no, I'm not innocent. I SO NOT INNOCENT!! xP

    What's with the random question? :P

  22. Sorry for late reply. Exams. Thank god it's over.

    And well... just family problems. I hate it when everyone have their own agenda.

  23. Me? :P

    To be honest...

    I'M DYING. Dx

    The effects of exams I guess.

  24. Sorry... I didn't mean to leave so quickly.

    I needed some time alone then...

  25. I still think it's awesome.

    And at least you're not alone. :) Don't worry, I bet you'll do fine.

    And I got to go now... D:

    Bye Sis... Seeya next time. <3

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