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  1. Haha yeah XD Bunny lovers unite!

  2. Oh aww rabbits heehehehe hi I'm bunny ^_^

  3. So, it turns out iPods and concrete don't mix. :/

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    2. PlaidRabbit


      Yes, it's not exactly an ideal state...

    3. Kyuu Nye

      Kyuu Nye

      Of course they mix! Of course, it is preferable if you blend said iPod first like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8H29jU8Wrs

      And then you pour the resulting ash into concrete mix, and THERE YOU GO! A perfect mix of iPod and Concrete!

    4. tengaku squared
  4. French definitley sounds harder than coloring :x

  5. That's an easy one. I'd rather do it than doing my French homework. Lol. :P

  6. Oh, that's not fun... :/ unless it's something like, "color the allied forces on the map provided", then it's not so bad.

  7. I'm doing fine. I'm currently doing my homeworks for tomorrow. DX

  8. A bit sick off of eating discount valentine's day chocolate, but otherwise great XD You?

  9. Sakura is too! The two of them are so naive and innocent i swear my heart is going to explode if i rewatch that series one more time.
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