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    File 801-803 (Bloody Barbecue)

    Eehh? Where is this come from? Actually there are many things that not connected. Ok. if she is Akai' sister. She propably knows that he is dead (your opinion?) Even if she has coonection with FBI (propably not) why she thnk that he is alive? By the way. I dont think Akai have time and purpose to tell his sister in America about Conan, Ran and BO.
  2. Martell

    File 801-803 (Bloody Barbecue)

    Hmm. Actually there is a chance that Sera and Shinichi meet each other long time ago.
  3. Martell

    File 801-803 (Bloody Barbecue)

    By the way like someone told on dctp. Sera blushing after this Sonoko: What? Isn't that you go to Ran's house to see that guy with glasses? (She thinks: "Pedokon") Then Sera blushing - Not... not really. I also want to see the apprentice of Kogorou San, the boy called Amuro. So she may thinking about Conan.
  4. Martell

    File 801-803 (Bloody Barbecue)

    Well now it's settles. Even I was sure that Scar Akai is Bourbon. So without a doubt - Amuro=Bourbon Because Subaru is da man.
  5. Well the murdere is pretty obvious, so like Master Chekhov said it's how-dunnit case. It seems Conan have another partner for his case. Let's see. If Amuro shows no surprise or strange reaction in Conan's mind he is Bourbon.
  6. Martell

    Amuro Tooru speculation thread

    Hm, i missed it. Well i never said that he is a good man. I had that feeling from previous chapter already. I just don't belive that he is a Bourbon. Hmmmm. But you are good. I almost ready to admit my defeating. But not forget, good theories can be a trap too.