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  1. I had a weird inkling to check something. I wanted to know how many people had the birthday of May 4th on here. I check and... 20 some people... I think some people are just saying that it's their birthday... It is Shinichi's Birthday and the day Sherlock and Moriarty fell into Reichenbach but... Not that many people should have that birthday.

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    2. kfnnapa
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      I stand by my point. And besides, who cares?

    4. Emerald


      My brother, who is 2 years older than me, his birthday is actually May 4 and my own birthday is May 5, but if my mum chose it to be May 4, it could have been, because I was born at midnight in between May 4 and May 5, so my mum chose which day was put on my birth certificate

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