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  1. Ang tahimik na ng site.. nakakamiss yung bago pa lang halos lahat na active dito xD Nahiya tuloy ako sa mga pinaggagawa(puro spam at pangaasar) ko dito lol. Anyway magandang umaga!

    ^Same here  :mellow:

    Grabe,15 pa lang ako at napaka-immature nang una akong sumali sa site na to

    Tapos ngayon malapit na akong mag-18 at malapit na ring maging ganap na guro.

    Major milestone talaga sa buhay ko ang DCW. <3

    How about you, guys? Kamusta?

    Tao po! May tao pa ba rito? :)

  2. Hello, I recently wrote a KaiFem!Shin oneshot and thought of posting it here. I'd appreciate it if you read through and tell me what you think. =)

    Warnings: Unbeta-ed, OOCness, crappy English, genderbent KaiShin

    A/N: The unfortunate side-effect of indulging in a KaiShin angstfest…


    No one knew why Kudou Shinichi hated New Year’s Eve so much.

    Instead of rejoicing at the advent of another year like everyone else, the no-longer teenage detective sulked at home all day. When the last rays of daylight faded away, she dragged herself outside, staggering feverishly on her feet, her right fist wrapped tightly around the thornless stem of a single white rose. Forcing a fake smile on her face, she hailed a taxi like a normal person without a care in the world. After seating herself comfortably in the backseat, she closed her eyes and bowed her head, steeling herself against the violent sobs that threatened to overcome her. She couldn’t cry here, not yet.

    “Where are we going, Miss?” the driver asked casually, careful not to let his weariness show. In a few hours, he would be home, celebrating the holiday with his family, like everyone else in Japan.

    “Tokyo Clock Tower,” was the curt reply.

    The driver sped off, humming to himself along the way, totally oblivious to the salty tear that rolled down his passenger’s cheek.

    They arrived an hour later. She flashed the driver a warm smile as she paid her fare.

    “Happy New Year’s Eve,” he said, and she nodded in reply.

    She made her way to a bench where she had a clear view of the gigantic clock face. The countdown would begin in several hours, and once again, she would silently greet the new year alone. She sat down slowly, eyes brimming with tears, and focused her gaze on the moon, which was nearly full tonight. The chilly air of winter didn’t affect her; after all, the aching emptiness in her heart was far worse. This place was special to her, full of bittersweet memories…

    She watched the crowd gather in the plaza, revelers who had come to watch the fireworks display held every year. Unlike her, they were all smiling and laughing, excited to greet the year to come. A cool breeze wafted past, playing with her brunette hair like a lover’s gentle caress. Then the self-imposed dam broke and she wept, shoulders convulsing with each sob.

    Shinichi was a great actress. Not nearly as good as her mother, formerly one of Japan’s finest, but good enough to convince everyone with her act. She could smile everyday and pretend everything was perfectly fine, and then cry herself to sleep at night. But every New Year’s Eve for the last three years, the pressure would get to her and she would break down.

    Kudou Shinichi never looked forward to New Year’s Eve.

    Because it meant another year without him.

    Maybe she’d get over it someday, move on with her life, and forget. Maybe the wounds would finally heal and she’d find happiness again.

    Maybe tomorrow.


    Full story can be found here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8922944/1/Maybe-Tomorrow

  3. Kanina lang...nakita ng kapatid ko yung pic sa signature ko. At alam mo ba ang kinoment niya? Ito lang naman:

    "Do you see that angle over there? The one who drew this missed by one degree! That's terrible!

    @amaranth : oi! namimiss kita..di rin kita nararamdaman sa fb (kun san aq mas active) xD

    musta thesis? bakit epic fail ung defense? baka nga flat 1 nakuha mo ihh! wow! congrats ! galeng talaga!

    Epic tres! Hehe. Joke lang. Di naman super epic fail...epic fail lang. So between Flat Tres at Flat One...

    Tsaka di ako active masyado sa fb. =D

    Musta na pala ung Pinoy group dun?

  4. Knock knock!

    Who's there?





    Me? Just me?

    Yes. You.

    *Shivers* Where is everybody? *looks around expectantly*

    They are dead. *evil laugh* I sent my underlings to bomb their homes and burn them to the ground.

    WHAAAT?!! No way! That's impossible. They come from all over the world. There's no way you --whoever you are-- could have killed them off like that!

    Oh, but kid, for your information, my organization is widespread, with members holding top positions in every company, every business, every nook and cranny around the world. For me, sending a bunch of snipers to murder the members of this chatroom with no trace can be done with the snap of a finger.

    Eh?!! That's impossible! Don't tell me, you're--ANOKATA?!!

    Yes, you're lucky you have enough sense in that tiny brain of yours to figure it out. But "luck" isn't on your side now. Bye-bye! *shoots gun at me*

    Instantly a deck of cards flies out.





    EEEEEEHHHHH???!!!!! KAITOU KID?!!!! What on Earth are you doing here?

    Just dropping by~

    Before I fly into the sky~

    Ja ne! I have a jewel to steal~

    *vanishes in a puff of pink smoke*


    *happens to glance out the window*


    Ah, so everyone is at the Kid heist after all...So that's why everyone's gone missing...


    Seriously, where is everyone? =(

  5. I just finished reading "Relative Truth." It was purely awesome. The most exciting and enjoyable DC fic I have ever read, ever. The second to the last chapter, where Kaito helped Shinichi solve a case, is just what I've been dying to see happen in a DC movie, ova, or episode. And now I can die happy. :grin:

    I don't believe I've ever grinned like I did earlier in a looooooooooooooooong time.

    That has to be my mostest favoritest fic ever! =3

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