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    ... ... .... ... Looks like all the art has been merged together now. :/ Great. Now my crappy art has been exposed! *hides behind curtains, embarassed* Um.... well.... ... If you really want to look at my DC fanarts (my recommendation, don't), then just keep looking through these early posts. And laugh your butt off. If you want to look at work that I believe I've done well (oh how I've grown- a year of practice has done me much good. XD), then start here: http://www.detective...post__p__264437 EVERYTHING IS CRAP ACTUALLY.... ... .... Just start up there if you don't want to wade through it. :V Ignore the thing below.... I just don't have the heart to delete it right now. I drew Heiji! (a while ago, but still...) Tell me if you think it's good!
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    SPAM! SPAM! SPAM! How much more have I drawn? :V Arcanine Gijinka: Summer Fun...? : A Haughty Sunset: Flying at Midnight: A Walk on the Bridge... Surf's Up!: Answer: A lot more! XD Information on my commissions here: (if you want me to to draw something for you, that is. :V Only thing I won't take from DC is ConAi or ShinShi. 'Course, you've got to wait just a little bit... I'm busy doing contest prizes.) Watch me on My dA!
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    So, what do you think of my photoshop colored drawing? Good, or bad? Anyways, I'll try to do more when I have time. Thank you for looking!
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