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    Yellow !!! I'm very VERY new here , though i apparently did an account YEARS ago x'P silly me Anywhos So , if I'm not wrong i just throw my art here in multiple Posts to the same thread , right ? If I'm wrong please correct me , anywhos here you go , Starting with one of my favorite of ALL time Haibara Ai >>>Speed Paint:<<<< Youtube: Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHzTOIfWu7Y Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41ZOipXtep8 Do drop a comment If you liked it pelase^_^ Links : DA :http://alicin.deviantart.com/art/Drabble-Ai-Haibara-596799862 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BC--w6Ej2t6/?taken-by=anikixvi Tumblr: http://aniki-xvi.tumblr.com/image/141096835723
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    Great synopsis, Akazora! Agree with a lot of what you said. Despite Boku dake being rushed towards the end, the first 8 episodes were really quite phenomenal, 9 left me disappointed, and the last 3 were "okay". Revival having a bit more of an explanation would have been nice, and I feel that I've been "spoiled" a little bit by how Steins;Gate handled the whole time-traveling debacle. They didn't even touch upon it and it kinda worked as a cheap plot device. Airi's involvement kinda felt out of place, so I'm looking forward to reading the manga and seeing what all was scrapped/changed. The show was definitely better as it was being aired, and not so much all at once. The cliffhangers and suspense really made the anime, so I think that has a lot to do with why I enjoyed it so much. Ajin still has me hooked for sure. So far, it's really the only other anime i've really enjoyed this season (and that I've been closely following), so I hope the last two episodes are as stellar as the rest of the series. The CGI stuff was odd for a bit, but it really grew on me. Can't say I really prefer this style though. The manga is on Crunchyroll, so I may just give it a good read one of these days. Lupin the 3rd Part 4 has also been really good, but I've only seen the first 5 episodes. I put it away for now since I do want to finish up the earlier Lupin stuff, but haven't had the time to do so. I suppose it doesn't matter too much since it's more or less episodic, but I always like to do things in production order. Dimension W has a couple specials coming out in the near future (but I think they are more or less shorts, so probably nothing important) so I might check those out. The anime, after the first couple episodes was a highlight of what was out there, but unfortunately the pacing was horrendous and it didn't really go in the direction I wanted it to. I might check out the manga to see if it was any better. I was really disappointed by this anime though. Once it hit the "Island" episodes, it just went down the crapper (even more so than it had before). I watched the first episode of Rakugo today. The music is really good, and the premise of the show seems interesting. I'll definitely have to keep going with it since I'm really not sure how to feel about it yet. For some reason I decided to finish up some of the anime I had previously disregarded early on... Those being Gate, Phantom World and Dagashi Kashi. Dunno why I tortured myself, but none of these held up. I wanted to see what all the hub-bub was with Dagashi Kashi (saw that one around a LOT) - and I thought it'd get better somewhere along the road. It did feel like I was watching a commercial for Japanese candy, something I know nothing about, so I thoroughly wasted my time with it. I mean I really didn't expect much else, but it was labeled as a comedy. I didn't really find it funny either Phantom World was very "cliche" in some regards, but the animation was actually quite nice and very consistent (really all it had going for it). I think the fan-service had, for the most part faded away in the later part of the show, so it wasn't as bad as it appeared, and was usually quite "tame" in that regard. Most the characters also annoyed me and were a bit stereotypical. Didn't care for any of them. I couldn't even get a laugh from the character that existed almost purely for comic relief (If that's even a correct term in a series like this). Last few episodes were quite okay though I guess? Really not sure how to feel about it, but as a whole it was quite awful. Gate... I think you summed that one up quite well, but I haven't got far enough to say for sure. I wanted to get a better impression of it since I don't think it was really fair for me to judge after just 3 episodes, and I recently decided to add it back to my que on Crunchyroll for some reason. That being said, I may strongly rethink that decision... I like comedies, so I may try getting into Osomatsu-san. I see it's also on Crunchyroll, and that episode 1 is apparently unavailable for some reason? Grimgar and Konosuba are two I've heard good things about, so I may give them a go. They can't be any worse than some of the other shows this season. As far as upcoming anime / Spring stuff: First episode of Ace Attorney was alright. The trailer didn't really get me hyped up or anything. I won't be getting into the games unfortunately, simply because I'm lazy - but it seems like, at the very least, it'll be a fun series to follow this season. It also seems quite "episodic", which I'd be perfectly okay with. I can't help but laugh at the main protagonist's name... (People seem to be really disappointed with the anime not being "localized" for some reason, isn't it usually the other way around?) I've got Boku no Hero Academia, Joker Game, Bungou Stray Dogs and Kiznaiver on my list for now. They all look rather interesting, so may check some of the other ones you've listed above! Just reading some of the synopsis for these anime, I'm sure it'll be better than last season.
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