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    Note: this fanfiction is a half-way collaboration between theownerer and MeitanteiSnow. This story is about us two online friends getting sucked into the world of DC. Ch. 1 MeitanteiSnow's POV As I logged in DCW, I saw theownerer had came online too. I quickly went to personal messenger to chat with him. theownerer: Hey, what's up? MeitanteiSnow: My day was really bad. Enough said. theownerer: yeah, me too. MeitanteiSnow: it would be nice to escape reality sometimes.... theownerer: yeah... Suddenly there was a bright glow in my room. It got brighter.....And then darkness. When I finally came too, i was in a park and I saw a figure lying down next to me. I looked at it, or him, i saw he had short black hair and he was wearing a Japanese uniform. Suddenly a small wind came and my legs felt cold. [Cold? I'm wearing jeans today...] I looked down and saw that I was wearing a blue skirt. Somehow, the jeans had been traded for a skirt. I looked at my top and saw that I was wearing a blue vest with a three-quarters white collared shirt. On that vest I saw a logo. A VERY FAMILIAR logo. Teitan High. Just I was looking at my sudden change of clothes, the boy next to me had woke up. He, too was inspecting himself and was surprised at what he found, too. I turned around. The boy had blue eyes, and was wearing a Japanese uniform I also know too well. It was the school uniform that Heiji wore in the detective battle in Three Days with Hattori Heiji. He looked me like I had an explanation. I didn't. It was awkward for a moment until he spoke. This time he had a look of recognition in his eyes. "MeitanteiSnow?" I looked at him. "How did you know? Who are you?" I managed to say. "I'm theownerer." He replied. What? It couldn't be.....but somewhere down I knew that it was the truth. I also figured something else. I spoke again. "Looks like we managed to get sucked into the real Detective Conan world. I can't believe I'm animated." It's true. I quickly whipped out a mirror from my skirt pocket and looked at myself. I now had waist-length brown hair, and brown eyes. Just then I heard a voice calling "Yuiki!" "Kageyama!" Another called. Those voices sound very familiar... As I thought that I heard footstep running towards us. A hand clamped on my shoulder and I spun around. There they were, Conan Edogawa and Heiji Hattori standing in front of me. "Where were you two, you made us worry!" Conan said. Heiji added "Ya also made us go around lookin' for ya." Ran and Kazuha ran up to join us. "Yuiki, where were you?" Ran said. [Yuiki? Does she means me?] and Kazuha said "you too, Shiki, where did ya go?" [shiki?] "Yuiki? Shiki? What do you mean?" I spoke out first. Ran, Conan, Heiji and Kazuha stared at me. Conan spoke first "Yuiki-neechan, don't you remember? He continued "You are my-I mean Shinichi-niichan and Ran-neechan's childhood friend and Shinichi-niichan's partner. You two are the Detectives of the East" Heiji added "You too, Shiki. You're Kazuha and my childhood friend. And ya are detective partners with me too, we are the Detective of the West" "We are WHAT?!"
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    Ch. 3 MeitanteiSnow/Yuiki's POV After Ran had finished talking to me, Shiki came back with a incredulous face to me. "Do you sing THAT bad?" I was trying hard not to laugh. "I know it scared me too, and it felt weird. Ran was shocked too, she said it wasn't my usual singing voice" I continued. "My real voice is like this: I sung a few notes, but my voice came out horrible again. I tried a few more times, with the same results. I gulped. "That's weird, maybe something happened when we warped." Shiki snickered. [Great, now i'Il have stick with not singing or else I'll embarrass myself. This sucks, I really love singing...] I blushed and changed the subject. "I saw your face when you pulled out that Kendo sword. You never even touched it before, right?" Shiki nodded. "Yeah, I never knew, but that was AWESOME!" I agreed. I also had to tell him something too. "I found our school bags near to where we were when we.....uhhh.... warped in." Here's your bag." I handed him a bag with his name on it. I haven't even looked through my bag yet. It's about time anyways. I rummaged through it and found my iPhone from the real world, my agenda, some paperwork, books and some cake coupons. Shiki dug through his and found his iPhone from reality, books, paper and manga. He looked at me and asked me if I got my real phone. I nodded and started to look through my phone. Shiki did too, but when he got to the contacts, he paused. "Hey, go to your contacts," he said. I went there and all my contacts from reality were erased. In their places, there were: -Conan -Shinichi -Ran -Sonoko -Kazuha -Heiji -Hakuba And other people. Shiki had the same thing. Shiki spoke first and changed the subject. "Hey, when I was holding the sword, it felt like I did it everyday even though it was my first time. Do we have some talents in DC, that we don't have in real life? I mean everyone in DC isn't normal....." I agreed. "I know we have good memory, because of the detectives having good memory in DC, but I'm pretty sure about one thing. I found something in my sleeve and I think it's a weapon. So, I know this sounds awkward, please attack me." Shiki stared at me and then nodded. He drew his bamboo sword and swung it at me. I dodged his blow and flicked out a small weapon out of my sleeve, and it expanded. It was a light silver staff. I reflexively flipped into the air to counterattack. The look on Shiki's face was enough to stop me. I landed and saw my expression echoed on his face. We didn't need any words: "WHAT ON EARTH JUST HAPPENED?"
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    Theownerer/Shiki's POV "is there something wrong with you two?" asked Ran. Kazuha added, "yeah, there must be somethin' wrong with ya two.". I quickly called Meitantei over for a quick conversation. I asked, "hey hey...are we really in the world of detective conan?" he responded "yeah...uh...I think we are." [This is really weird...] "um...okay, so what are we doing here?" I asked. Heiji responded, "don't ya remember? I came here because I was bored back in Osaka, so I came here to visit Conan." "Yuiki can you come here for a moment?" I asked, "yeah sure" she responded. "so what should we do now, should we tell them that, we don't know what's going on?" I asked. "I think we should wait for now" Yuiki answered. "Yeah I agree" I said When we got back, I saw another figure speaking to the four friends, and saw that it was Mouri, they were talking about something and I could faintly hear it. "Yuiki I think they're talking about something, I think they're saying, (hey ................................... someone got ........ , I think the area is........................................should we go now?" Mouri asked, "Well.................it's a ........................ so it's gotta be ........................ we should go!" Heiji said.) ." "I think it might be serious, let's follow" I said. "Wait...we don't want to get involved in murders, if we solve the case and get the murderer in jail...we might be on his list!" Yuiki said "But don't you remember, even if we're on his list, we will return to the real world!" I said. "Shiki, fine, let's go to the crime scene, but ...we've stood here a long time, they already left..." Yuiki said. "oh yeah...I just noticed that...um, yeah we should probably not get involved now" I said. As Yuiki and I walked away, we heard a scream from far away. I didn't know why, but I had a backpack on me, and somehow it held a kendo sword, so I took out the sword and prepared to fight if he or she had a weapon, we rushed to where the person had screamed, when we arrived we noticed it was Ran, being held captive, but she wasn't using karate. I didn't know why she wasn't using karate, but Heiji and I got out our swords and started charging at the kidnapper, I noticed that I was extremely skilled in kendo, but didn't even know the first thing about a sword in the real world. I heard horrible singing and looked behind me, Yuiki was singing and Yuiki's horrible singing was making the kidnapper put his hands to his ears and drop Ran. So, Heiji and I charged in and started hitting him with the kendo sword.