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    *my ghost comes back and controls your mind* By the way, when the energy reactor spins in reverse, 0-reverse happens, shown in the 1st 2 seconds of the below video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eMzDvG9Cp4
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    If I need to die to keep this thing together, I will. BUT MY GHOST WILL WANDER THE HILL!!
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    *Buys a shirt that can turn into unbreakable armor or bulletproof vest*
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    I quit after that. I'm not dead anyways. *waits for Aeyra to come back* Moho, why don't we just leave this as is? Just shoot half angel instead. I think she is trying to break us up and then kill us one by one and reap our hard work on defenses.
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    Listen dude, I started this unity thing and you decided to join. If you want to leave be my guest. I won't try to stop you. By the way, you just destroyed half of our works by trying to disable my energy reactors. They spin in reverse if you try to disable them and you know what happens when they do that. *revives myself and builds new energy reactors*
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