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    This is basically the pic in the Kaito Kid page in the wiki. I modified it a bit so Kaito is wearing his Kid costume and Aoko his hat. Too bad Kaito has an awkward pose, though >.<
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    I dislike: 1. Sonoko: Because she is a drama queen and also, like everybody said, so full of her self. 2. Inspector Nakamori: He overreacts TOO much over Kaitou Kid!!!!!! Take a chill pill!!! x'D 3. Kogoro: Only because he's stupid and slightly full of himself... How could he not realize anything? 4. Ran: She should know that Conan is Shinichi by now 5. Gin: (actually he's an awesome character but) STOP BOTHERING CONAN! D: And stop being so smart >_<
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