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The Seven Deadly Sins/Nanatsu no Taizai

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Before I get started, I want to as any posters to this topic to be courteous. Since The Seven Deadly Sins/Nanatsu no Taizai is an ongoing series, many fellow fans (like myself) may be actively following it and reading each chapter as they become available, but others may not be able to read the chapters until they are collected into volumes or later. It would be a bit much to ask that spoilers be completely avoided, especially since discussing new plot developments with fellow fans is a lot of fun. For that reason, I will ask that you use spoiler boxes. For anyone who is unaware of how to do so, or has forgotten, simply type the following:

[spoiler]Text you want to write[/spoiler]

What do you need to put in a spoiler box? Well, it would be excessive to make you mess with it for all plot developments throughout the series. It's currently it chapter 227 and still running strong. Fans will already have a degree of knowledge about the series and its development anyways. I think what is fair and reasonable is a 10 chapter buffer, that will cushion any fans who have fallen behind and protect them from accidentally seeing events they aren't ready for yet. So, on to the discussion!


I first got into the series through the anime, when it first became available on Netflix. I only recently found and started reading the manga, but it is now one of my favorite currently running series, and I eagerly await each new chapter.
Right now I'm really enjoying the Ten Commandments arc and can't wait to see what happens next.
The way 227 ended with Diane possessed by the dark energy! What will they do?! Will they knock her out so she can't fight them? Could she even be knocked out with the dark energy controlling her? Things just finally got on track for her and King, we can't have something bad happen to her now! Maybe the love that she and King share will help her to fight off the darkness herself?
I just know I'm going to go nuts waiting for 228! What do you guys think?

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