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Lets not pry for others’ secrets

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Buuuuut I've been on this website for years so lets sign up.

KnightMare's the name,

Detective Conan is to blame,

been on him since I've seen a head get sliced off of a roller coaster :blink:

Even Dedicated a Facebook and Twitter page to the whole thing, so I'm sorry if I steal some pictures :P, I won't claim them of course, not my style.

So yeah, favorite character is actually Kid/Shin then Heiji then Conan, kind of a fan of the whole cocky iknowitall attitude if he can prove it. Lets see how long the show goes before we find out who the big boss is, kinda hope its not anyone he's really close to, I feel like that would be cheesy lol



btw hi everyone lol

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