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New Points that I've recognized in Kohji case

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I've also attached the following diagram. I've discovered something in Kohji case which I previously missed out.

  • The Dying message of Haneda Kohji were these Roman letters, "A,S,A,C,A,R,U,M".
  • We can safely assume it was directed towards the murderer and the murderer's name was known by Kohji.
  • It a fact that RUM was the perpetrator of the dual murders.
  • So it must have been directed towards RUM, but Haneda was an unrelated person to the BO, he had no chance to know the code name of RUM.
  • The mysterious bodyguard of Amanda(the other victim) did go missing after the case and is yet to surface, Asaca is the prime accused.
  • Even if Rum was Asaca, the the dying message would have just been ASACA, the extra R,M,U make no sense, why a dying person would try to waste his last ounce of strength on something irrelevant, even if we can argue that R,M was the part of Mascara, even then why did he cut out the U separately, this means all the letters would be required in the dying message and it means neither ASACA nor RUM.
  • So this clears that Asaca wasn't Rum.
  • Now in the current timeline during the glass-cutting case Subaru-san mentioned that his father's involvement in the a fore mentioned case was his reason to join FBI but his father never worked for FBI. Probably if we go by the hint, he was in CIA.
  • Then why Akai/Subaru-san didn't join CIA, instead of FBI?  This means FBI had more information about this case than CIA and it's to be noted that Amanda was closer to both CIA and FBI.
  • Now we know from past records that ASACA was photo-phobic and the circumstances of her employment was also murky.
  • Any common bodyguard won't be that sort of secretive, the reluctance of being photographed can be explained as heightened security measure but why the circumstances about the employment is so murky.
  • It forced me to conclude that ASACA was the designated bodyguard from the FBI.
  • Also Sera's Mama terms the inputs of the soul detective, "Asaca was a woman and she was seen with the mirror found in the crime scene."  which forces me to think that are these really true claims?
  • If Amanda was at such a risk and Asaca was a woman, why didn't they share the room. It would have been fool-proof , but that wasn't the case, which forces me to think Asaca wasn't a woman and there was another woman with the mirror, who the soul detective mistook as Asaca.
  • The woman with the mirror might have been a close contact of Haneda/or Rum disguised as the woman to get access to Haneda. Because Haneda's murder was unplanned and Rum only intended to kill Amanda, but Haneda got involved due to Amanda's visit and Rum killed Haneda to erase the traces.
  • So the dying message was directed towards the woman as whom Rum disguised himself.
  • There's also an persevering uploader of the case, whose blog despite being taken down at regular intervals, still manages to upload the key stuff about the Kohji case.
  • The uploader has exclusive photos of the crime scene and knows about the bodyguard ASACA and the mysterious hiring process of Asaca.
  • So the uploader had access to such sensitive information as if the up-loader was visibly present during the whole case.
  • It also makes me think that the uploader is the woman, the same woman who was impersonated by RUM to kill those two.
  • Now in the current RUM arc suspicious characters we are getting people fitting the descriptions,
  • Chief Kuroda : Is very much interested in the case. Is interpreting the dying message as Wakasa Rumi. Probably Akai senior.
  • Wakasa Rumi : Testing Conan's mettle by throwing unsolved mysteries at him. Shows more than enough to think she's something else than a Elementary school teacher, had a verbal spat with Kuroda, well versed in reverse psychology(burning tent case), has a hatred towards the word prosthetic, has some emotional attachment with something in her patch pocket, hates one eyed men. Probably The Uploader.
  • Iori Muga : A devilishly charming Bishonen Butler, in the cafe case just after hearing the scream runs to guard the door so that the assilant can't escape. Has confidence in hand to hand combat and thinks that screams equal life threatening attacks. Perfect Asaca candidate.
  • Wakita : The most intriguing one of the lot. Dspite being a sucshi chef wants to accompany Kogoro in only murder cases. Gin mentioned that Soul detective was Rum's headache and Kogoro's involvement in it was his. But Kogoro was invited by the soul detective, not the other way around. Now soul detective is dead and Rum's very anxious about recent stuff which involves him and surfacing at definite intervals. Perfect Rum candidate.

Kohji-case Diagram.jpg

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