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A thought just came to me. The argument between Itakura and Vermouth (Sharon Vineyard) happened three years ago, and since Itakura's diary cover the last five years, it might be possible that he might have written in his diary what the argument was about.

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It's possible, but we were only shown details from the past two years. My (could-be-flawed) recollection is that Gosho said in one of the interviews (check Jimmy's wiki interview page to find it probably) that we maybe should be able to figure out why Itakura was needed by the Black Organization with just the info we have.I don't know if Gosho thinks he has said enough, or if there is more coming from Itakura eventually. Before the Mystery Train, I would have guessed that Gosho was going to drop the issue until the end of things, but maybe since it came up again there is more to be explored. Conan would need some reason to check the disks again, which isn't too hard of a scenario to create, but only if Gosho intends to follow up on that plot.


I'm hoping that during the Rum arc we can find out more about the Black Organization's computer goals. I take the movies with a Great-Salt-Lake sized grain of salt, but since the recent trend has been to link the movies with manga canon events, I am hopeful that Rum's rather robotic presentation in that movie (not just the altered voice which was kind of a given in order to obscure his identity, but everything to to with that weird light show) might be a hint he is tied in with the computer agenda. This might be just wishful thinking though on my part.


On another note, the one thing in common we have seen between the victims and associates of the Black Organization computing agenda is a relationship to computer games. Tequila's associate, Hideaki Nakajima, was a game developer related to "Mantendo" games and the list of skilled programmers he would have prepared certainly would have certainly drawn from his expertise there. Itakura worked on games as well, and seems to have had an interest in game programming before he got into CG work. And even if we jump to the Night Baron Murder Case, Genichirou Kaneshiro, whom many people like to consider suspicious, actually fits better into to potential target category if you think of what the Night Baron virus destroyed: his girl dating sim game in development. If he was developing one game, what other game or game-like materials could he have been working on?

Thinking more about it, that could put Agasa on a target board, since he is known to develop games besides his usual quirky inventions.

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On 4/20/2017 at 1:40 PM, Chekhov MacGuffin said:

(check Jimmy's wiki interview page to find it probably)

This is the only relevant information that I found.


"(Will Itakura's software become important at some point in the future?) A: Well, I took the trouble of introducing it to the plot, so it must become important at some point..." (File 865 Special Booklet)

"(41. When will we know the truth about Itakura's program?) A: Had you understood it after reading, you'd already have figured it out a long time ago." (SDB60+)

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