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Police officers in cast list: Title or full name?


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  1. 1. How should police officers named in cast lists?

    • Title + family name: Inspector Megure, Detective Sato, Inspector Shiratori, Detective Chiba
    • Full name: Juzo Megure, Miwako Sato, Ninzaburo Shiratori, Kazunobu Chiba

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Full name


due to the Yokomizo brothers conflict


also Takagi's full name has been used by the series to intentionally confuse him with other characters (Chousuke Takagi, Wataru Date)

so at the very least, it would be best for his full name to be displayed all over those pages


Yamamura, and a few others changed rank mid-series, how would those characters be listed by rank on earlier pages? By their rank for those 

earlier files? Or by their new rank would would be a spoiler and potentially conflict with the other information typed up on that page?


Also for a series that has many types of "detectives" it seemed weird to me to list characters by "detective - name" 

I know that there would probably never be a confusion between what is a police detective or private detective/high-school detective

based on what they normally wear in the pictures we use, but because of the many types of detectives, using the nomenclature to 

often may get a bit weird. 

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