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Just a new guy.....meh..

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Hello dcw, just a daily new member introduction. I'm die hard fans of detective conan since junior high school. Lately, i decide to join forum after a long time because i'm eager to sharing information with dc fans around the world. So here i am. 


I offer my sword to DCW as humble servant (sorry too much reading fantasy story). Oh my RL name is edwin and you could contact me in DCTP too. Well thats for me, but sorry again i'm not good at introducing my self. Thanks

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Welcome, Edwin. My codename is BlackLabel. I hope we get to do good blackmail transactions, illegal business operations and other types of malevolent mischief together. Have fun in the forums!


Oh, dear me. I hear FBI agents coming. It's that darn blonde American. I have to go, BYE!


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Heya there!  It's certainly rare to see a new member who also has an account at DCTP nowadays.  I hope you enjoy your time here in this quiet little corner of the Internet!

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