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DC Opening 40 -- "WE GO" by BREAKERZ

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The 40th opening theme of Detective Conan is confirmed to be "WE GO" by the band BREAKERZ.  The opening will air with episode 774 on April 18th.

Source: https://twitter.com/natalie_mu/status/582376837226979328


Shout out to Moonlit Flower for the news tip!

I can't wait for the 18th. It's been a while since Breakerz performed a song for Detective Conan. *Gets excited* :D


You're Welcome! :)

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ahahaha, oh my gosh.


Sorry, I just can't take Breakerz seriously anymore after Overwrite.

Whoever animated ending 42, just... I can't

I was reduced to tears because of how absurd and laughable it was.

The song wasn't particularly memorable either and the only part that caught my attention was the orchestra/instrumental during the first ten seconds. Then it all went downhill from there.


...and with that said, I don't expect much from this new opening--especially with this downhill trend of openings and endings we've been getting lately. Sorry, Breakerz.

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The opening's out! :D


*Edit* I'm having some technical difficulties trying to share the video. D:


I really love the song! The police look good in their new uniforms. ;D I'm really happy that Breakerz is active again. Hope to see more of their songs featured in Detective Conan soon.  ^_^

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I'll repeat my post from DCTP here real quick:

Hm, it's decent. Maybe a bit too much time wasted on Conan just walking and standing. Liked the spinning shots around the characters, was really cool. Except one thing: why is Kazuha cowering behind Heiji instead of them both in a fighting pose like Ran and Kogoro? He should cower behind her, considering she does the weaponless martial art and he doesn't have a weapon. Oh well. Overall not too bad.


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Today, I am reminded of just how poorly some studios do rotation shots, especially when things like this are being animated:


Come on TMS, get your act together.  You're being outclassed by Unlimited Moe Works!

I'd post something stay night related, but spoilerz.


I am also reminded of just how much I dislike DAIGO's singing.  He kinda butchers the Japanese language for me.

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