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Friend is in Japan, what Conan stuff should he bring?

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Longtime Conan fan, and a friend who's fluent in Japanese has finally gone to Japan yesterday for a 2 month holiday, and has agreed to buy me some Conan related stuff, or just any games and stuff in general.


Can anyone tell me what the thing in the upper left is, friend says its some typing thing, box looks kinda big but I guess it shouldn't be a problem to bring it over.

Other than cellphone straps, maybe some manga and games, what would be a cool thing to get?




Also here's the second video, regarding the Conan thing, looks cool.

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I own a shady set of mini-Conan figurines my uncle brought back from China.  They aren't that impressive at all, and I think you can even order them on Amazon, but of course at a steeper price.  As Chekhov said, get what suits you.  Figurines are pretty popular, but maybe something you can carry around with you would be better, like a key chain, necklace, or pencil case.


That store look great: they sell a lot of stuff that seem like they'd be worth a lot here in the states.  Video games and stuff are cool, as long as you mind possible region-locks and buy consoles accordingly, but I don't think you'd be able to play them with ease.  Those Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh cards caught my eye though, as someone who collects cards on the side.  As for that Detective Conan box merchandise, I have no idea what it is.  Maybe a movie/manga bundle thing?  I think I see movie 6's poster on the wrap.  

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