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*waves enthusiastically*

Welcome to DCW!

It's a really great place, I'm sure you can find many friends. I have some friends here,  but some of them aren't really active... So stay active! 

Now for my introduction, I'm A.Haibara, an Ai-chan fanatic that likes drawing. *It's nice to meet you*

If you have any questions, I'm sure members and moderators will answer them!

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Warning: the following message is... interesting. XD

And now, I give you the Yoyo & Cici Welcome!!




Hello, and welcome to DCW!!JFBQ00154070129B.gifyociexpress08.gifyociexp86.gif

I have a bit of advice: Don't be like me and disappear for months the day after you join... whoops... JFBQ00125061225b.gif

I'm Sherlock Lupin. I'm THE Master Procrastinator and Trickster Extraordinaire, and I'm DCW's Yoyo & Cici Specialist yociexp88.gif. I have a lovely habit of calling IdentityUnknown Prye instead of Pyre. I suggest you don't do it because it aggravates dear Pyre. Some call me SL, some call me Sherlock, others call me Lupin. Come up with your own name if ya like.icon_e_biggrin.gif

We're not too crazy here JFBQ00218070525A.gifJFBQ00173070312A.gifyociexp99.gif, and we love DCJFBQ00163070213B.gif.
I'm sure you'll enjoy being friends with us yociexpress01.gif, and if you don't...JFBQ00217070524A.gif

Just kidding~!JFBQ00241070914B.gif We're not trying to scare you away....is it working?yociexp108.gif


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