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(Spoiler) Is it a time to make an article for the **** yet?

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Is it the time to make an article for the secret police yet?
For now, the organization Amuro belong to was refer (vaguely) as the secret police. 
It has others names "Zero", "Organization that doesn't exist"
Its purpose is Maintain safety and order in Japan (description by Conan)
Its members are Bourbon, Scotch. the Black organization infiltrators.
Its goal is the same as the other organization investigating BO, The wolves that want to sink their teeth into them (description by Akai).
(This can goes to speculation section.)
But theory by Conan 48:69 here discover it to be called PSB/PSA (Public Security Bureau)
Quite unfortunate, Japan's PSB doesn't has Wiki page of it own. (PSB also a name for Chinese org, which can create confusion when someone try to search) "Secret police" is just vague and can refer to anything. I saw people confuse what exactly the organization is.
I don't know how to create new article.


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I think we should wait until the manga reveals a clear name of the organization, whatever it is. We are not 100% certain if Amuro really is from PSB or another similar agency (also, PSB and PSIA are two different agencies with different functions). I don't think creating a new article basing on speculations is a good idea.


On a side note, the Kanji that Conan and Vermouth respectively used to refer to "secret police" are 公安警察 and 公安 (this is probably an abbreviation of the former). I can't read Japanese to dig into these stuffs though.

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