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[SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 853-855 (Murder at a Bar)

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THIS THREAD is used to discuss about SPOILERSIn other words, if you only read the English version and wish to wait for the official release instead of getting spoiled, this is NOT the right place for you!


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1. Why is this whole thing necessary?
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A: In case some member (who only follows the English files) get confused, misclick, or just simply get in the wrong thread... etc., this rule is made NOT to let spoilers get revealed to them. And since this is quite complicated, confusions are unavoidable, especially for new members.

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ANYWAY, everyone should read this whole post carefully before posting or viewing anything. If you are mistaken for not paying attention to it, the creator of the thread, the moderators and every other forum members will NOT take any responsibility.

File 853 Chinese: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2240760922

A case with only Kogoro and Conan so far. No plot people unfortunately.

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Last chapter I can look at before the solution gets spoiled...

Still not going to be surprised if Kaitou Kid is the barmaid. She is way too helpful/talkative.

Also it was mentioned on the DCTP spoiler cbox:

Page 12: Takagi said "Did you tell that incident to Jodie-san", Megure "There is nothing need to tell her since she is nothing to do with it", then Conan is surprised and asked Takagi "What incident is it.", but Megure interrupted.

That incident is very likely going to be a break-in at the police station that resulted in missing/accessed files on Akai's death. The evidence for this is:

• Takagi is involved because he was in charge of at least some of the investigation. Recall he did the analysis on Conan's cellphone that Jodie gave turned in.

• Jodie was related as well because she brought the phone with Akai's fingerprints to Takagi.

• Megure would think Jodie was not related enough to the incident to be informed of the break in because the dead guy from the exploded truck (Akai) is only a man she met at roadside according to the story she told the police.

There are two groups with motive to target the report:

Bourbon/Vermouth have the best motive to nab the report: the information about Conan's phone that Bourbon overheard from Jodie at the cherry blossom viewing park might have made him suspect there was some sort of trick involved with Akai and the spy (Rikumichi) who touched it. Conan's intelligence here will make Bourbon wary. It would be worth the effort/danger to get the police files if a body swap or fake death potentially occurred.

The other possibility is that Okiya hacked in the station to delete the report when he anticipated trouble. He is known for keeping an eye on Jodie/Haibara, so if he followed her to the cherry blossom park and realized that the Org was there, he may have realized he needed to act fast. If Okiya heard the conversation about the phone and thought Vermouth/Bourbon's next move was to get the report, he might delete it ahead of time.

If Bourbon/Vermouth stole the report

The report could change Bourbon's investigation in two main ways if it was Vermouth/Bourbon who broke in.

• First, the bullet wounds on Rikumichi, the body substitute for Akai, are going to be different than those on the video recorded by Kir. That will confirm for Bourbon that Akai is probably alive, and there was a trick.

• Second, the report will mention the phone with the dead man's fingerprints used for comparison came from Jodie or Conan. Bourbon overheard in file 851 from the bug on Jodie that it was Conan's phone was dropped to investigate for spies, and Kusudu Rikumichi (the spy 851.12) touched it. Akai then also touched it. Amuro knows the information that he needs to figure out the trick to fake Akai's death.

While Amuro could report the fake death to the boss/rest of the Org and get Kir in severe trouble, he probably won't right away for a few reasons. First, it's not Bourbon's style. Bourbon wants to do business with Akai personally (he believes only he can kill Akai), and informing the rest of the Org would drag in the other members like Gin who would interfere or take over Bourbon's investigation. (Bourbon is not senior.) Second, Vermouth might also be able to suppress Amuro somewhat.

Naturally Conan will be the person to look into when trying to find Akai. Sera, Akai's sister, is hanging around Conan. Conan's phone was involved in the possible fake death trick. If Conan gave the phone with Rikumichi's prints to Jodie, then Conan would be implicated in trying to trick the FBI into thinking the body is Rikumichi's. (True, Conan does have some plausible deniability in being linked to the fake death trick because Amuro might think both Rikumichi and Akai touched the phone.)

Agasa's house would be good place to investigate first: Bourbon saw Agasa solve the case at the cherry blossom shrine and could guess he isn't Akai (as long as he heard Agasa's name). Bourbon may not know Shinichi is Conan yet... ("He's a terrifying man, that boy is." 852.16) so Shinichi's house might not be on Bourbon's shortlist, but that could change very quickly.

Amuro may include Takagi in his investigation because of his role in investigating Akai's death for the police. This may cause their mutual connection to Date to become important. The worst case for Takagi is Bourbon suspects him of messing with Akai's death investigation along with Conan.

With the plot as it is, Amuro will find out everything about Conan and his relationship with Akai. Amuro probably also find Akai sooner or later. What will hold Amuro back from reporting it to the rest of the Org though, especially since Kir is a traitor? Vermouth's promise will probably be relevant, but it may not be all that is needed. To keep him silent, Amuro will have to be killed, or another hold of some sort placed on him. Something to do with Date, or his reason for hating Akai may be the needed hold.

If Okiya deleted the report

Not much interesting will happen until Amuro finds out the report was deleted. He will likely suspect whoever it was that hacked Kogoro's computer when the video of Shiho was sent to Kogoro. Akai would be one suspect. Takagi, since he was involved in the investigation may also be a target of Bourbon as well. This may cause their mutual connection to Date to become important. The worst case for Takagi is Bourbon suspects him of messing with Akai's death investigation.

Also, forgive me for not really reading the previous case prior to now, but I was looking over file 850 again to see if Jodie mentioned the phone... How did Bourbon know Akai was tired and dropped the coffee? (850.10) Jodie didn't mention it out loud, unless she narrated the flashbacks. That doesn't seem to make sense because she didn't also describe "the attacks". At that specific strategy meeting (600), most of the people had already left when Akai dropped the coffee. Also Conan spoke up, and his name was mentioned.

If there was a spy in the FBI, more information would have leaked out about the plan to move Rena, so Gin would have not had to guess the van and Bourbon would have known about the "surprising insider information" already (meeting in front of all FBI in 602). The BO would have also found out and that Rena was a spy (meeting in front of all FBI in 605).

If only the meeting in 600 was bugged, then how did it happen without any of the other meeting being overheard. Bourbon apparently didn't know Akai liked coffee until 850, so the can couldn't have been bugged. I suppose it is possible the room the FBI met in was bugged, but the transmitter was destroyed and not mention/discovered. (Akai dropped his coffee on it but failed to mention it. Why?) Also how did Conan not get investigated afterwards? If he overheard the strategy meeting, Bourbon would have known Conan was in cahoots with the FBI. If that were the case Bourbon's reason for investigating Kogoro (825) should not have been the Kir incident, but because Conan was with the FBI. (I suppose it is true Bourbon only said detective not Mouri Kogoro, but Bourbon's actions prior were more targeted towards Kogoro)

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http://www.skylighter.com/fireworks/how_to_make/film_canister_shell.asp. Some sort of film canister rocket may be responsible for the cork sound, materials, and HDPE? You don't necessarily need to use an explosive, something that pops the cap with force would work, like dry ice even.

I still have to think about how that would work. Also, I recall old film smells kind of funny. I don't remember the exact smell because it's been a long time since I used an analogue, but I do remember you would get a funny odor from old film canisters.

Edit: I have sniffed some old film! It smells rather like vinegar/acetic acid.

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