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Shinichi-Shiho Darkfic

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Title: The Cure

Author: holmesfreak1412

Fandom: Detective Conan/Case Closed

Pairing: Kudo Shinichi & Miyano Shiho

Genre: Angst, Drama

Rating: T (for minor sexual imagery)

Language: English

Summary: She's the cure… The cure that makes it worse

Disclaimer: I do not own any part of the Detective Conan Franchise. Rights for the characters and the plot that connected them in the first place all belong to Aoyama Gosho. This story, however is mine. And so are the cameo original characters that will appear in here.

The Idea of the APAH capsule and everything else belongs to FS and her awesome fanfics "Ghost at Twilight" and "Encounter in Venice". However, the side effects and concept depicted in here has nothing to do with hers. I highly recommend those if you want to come out changed (but don't expect something as controversial as this. I mean the sex thingy.). In my case, it helped me become a more introspective writer. It wouldn't hurt much if I say now that this is a homage of her works. While this is certainly not as good, I hope she (and you) will come to appreciate my efforts.



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Do tell me what you think of it. It doesn't matter if one comments unanimously lol.

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