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For this year's Secret Santa, I was going to write a fanfic.

Unfortunately, my laptop crashed and I lost all my data. I could not recover the fanfic at all. DDDDDDDD:

In exchange, I wrote a drabble. I'm sorry I couldn't give you a better gift.

By the way, it sucks.


Kaito was frustrated. It was Christmas Eve and he still hadn't decided what to get for Aoko.

Kaito, being the genius he always is, called Hakuba and asked him what he was getting for Akako. Of course, Hakuba wouldn't tell him. In return for Kaito's many phone calls, Hakuba gave one short reply.

'Look, Kaito, I know that you have no clue what to get for Aoko, but you shouldn't be going around poking your nose into other people's matters. Why don't you put up a heist for her or something?'

Kaito decided to give her a magic show.

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