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Kyuu Nye

The works of Naoki Urasawa

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It is always surprising to me that a great mangaka like Naoki Urasawa flies under the radar here in America. In Japan he is critically acclaimed, and has been since the 1980s. Not many of his series have been made into anime, and probably the most popular that has been is Monster.

However he has accrued 10 awards during his time as a mangaka, mainly for his two most famous works, Monster and 20th Century Boys. (Both of which hold high places on my favorite manga list, yes even higher than DC) (Oh and btw.... Gosho Aoyama has only won two awards in comparison)

He is a master of suspense and character development. He takes you on a journey with each story he tells and will keep you on the edge of your seat if that is his intent.

If anything I just want people to look up some of the manga by this great mangaka if nothing else. I know that it won't be exciting enough for some people, but I hope as fans of Detective Conan, excitement and action are not the only criteria the people of this forum use to gauge the worth of a manga on.

My favorite so far has been 20th Century Boys. However I have only started on PLUTO, which is a realistic retelling of the most iconic manga/anime of all time (yes of ALL TIME) Tetsua Atom (Astro Boy). So that may very well change, and I hope it does, as I love the work of Osamu Tezuka (and I'll probably make a tribute topic to him soon enough, because he deserves one as the creator of modern anime and manga).

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That sounds great. I decide to look for his mangas and read them right away, especially when I really don't have anything to read right now.

EDIT: Finished volume 4 of "20th Century Boys".

That was quick. What do you think of it?

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I really like it, even when I'm not a fan of science-fiction myself. The storyline are interesting IMO. Of course some details may be a little confusing the first time you read it, but if you pay close attention and "digest" it slowly, you will indeed find the excitement you need from the plot. Well, that's all I can say so far because I've only finished volume 4. I'm looking forward to seeing the true identity of that "Friend" guy...

Also, I am really relieved that this manga is not long-running at all (also a reason why I like it). I usually cannot follow mangas which are too long-running (as for Conan, I only read BO arcs, not fillers).

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