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A response to IU's 'taken'. Narrative poem with many parts!

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Ah, no. I self-learn writing poems in the past, manage to get one publish with group of poets. I've been writing poem for six years.

I see... That's good! :D And for six years too! That has been a long time. :)

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No news has reach police's ears and only Miwako knows

Well Conan was in trouble but could not place where he is located.

Wataru has protest few times as he knows chances are low

But he trust Miwako to guide him whenever he was around her as acting

Officer and partner, but was confused and muddled.

Little they know Heiji was in Tokyo, also finding Conan,

Now thief named Kuroba drive taxi car with Detective of West

As they drive Kuroba defy Heiji's order for unexpected trip.

Never they thought they will be been sniped

But they escaped from fury which aiming from group of B.O.

Those fury were another reason they turn for purpose

And revenge as retaliation bringing in justice.

Ran is another one of them but find herself in lost

When discovering Conan has Shinichi's phone inside

Kogoro's office. However she was now relying

On mother after she talked to her over the phone.

Eri hoped for all events turn well as she silently prays.

When they were in silence Kogoro was being himself as one

individual in police station. He was with Megure,

his old fellow colleague wracking their brains over case.

But they didn't know the thief accidentally has car

Sniped, their lives weren't better when run for hiding.

They didn't fare well in the adventure but it was parked

At road when they escaping.

They were on their way blindly not knowing

Where they head but have rough estimation.

The headquarter they plan for destination

Was now deserted and only Conan

Was there, who started freeing chain.

Within one hour, the chain drop away.

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Fan fiction.net doesn't have this fiction any more, so I upload here continuing story. I'm sorry for letting it unfinished! :o Now I feel energized want to continue so the rest will write with passion. Feel free to throw me with tomatoes or anything to drive me write faster!




Day any time will pass by, Conan had let himself free.

As much he let his leg pumping, running fast

one could see his captor might roar with anger unleashed.

He didn't, dropped dead to ground by gun

which condemn him a dead fate.

Little did they know, Haibara was on the way

with feet could bring her to Conan's side.

Agasa wasn't sure where she was heading,

he possibly know where she likely been gone

to as Shinichi's disappearance had Tokyo fallen in despair.


Heiji was no where near Conan.

Heiji and Kuroba had themselve known

each other acquainted, but they were closer.

Winding down the streets, as wind blown

to their fate thrusting them forward-

chill did not help if they were too late.

Tension turn high for them when reached

with horror seeing young girl lying down


bleeding who left dying, they hoisted her up.

Haibara is the girl who got injured.

She had met Conan but did not see danger-

was shot and had him watched horror,

she fallen limp with him asking to stay strong.

He could not scream, but felt terror

and chills climbing up him, and wished he could shake

off snake had him crippled along with muffled cry.

Conan found himself hoisted up again, body want to fight-

off who was holding him planning not to let one escape.

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Aware of Conan's predicament, his father does, and all Conan's friend of Interpol,

when Haibara was found unconscious it was clear getting to friend is difficult.

Tokyo isn't a great pushover, and so do America FBI, they know well.

Yusaku had taken long time to reach as hurricane as it make way curl-

ing to deem who dare to cross way. No thanks to traitor Vermouth who make hell

of a ride when Conan escaping. Every friend had racking their thoughts

together rescuing, as it was their motto now when small boy's life is in stake.


Conan could only see blackness where he was hold in boot

of car as prisoner as fake Scar Akai was responsible.

Shackled, tied up, he starting to pray for rescue.

Hope did not diminished but Scar Akai often like being hood

hide, Okiya reminiscing the time he spend with sister-

as Haibara see him as enemy but did not know well.

Hakuba was with duo of detectives, he was dragged in

as all fault went to Kaitou, which had him splutter by his sin.


Who else is despondent are no other than Sato and Takagi.

They were aware of their limited activity and power

they yield but it wasn't good enough to finding out-

found Detective Boys to learn Conan has his own gadgets

incredulously by new information.Little they did know

Haibara was injured, could not go to hospital,

only to be treated by Kaitou who wrapped injuries

afterwards, they all wait for her to wake.

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Yusaku had endlessly paced in airport, any one can imagine

his shoes clicking and eyes looked distracted at times

hurricane did not fade away as aeroplane

had any one felt distressed he wasn't only one,

impatience had any one riddled until announcement

had made, shoes was rushed, nearly turned into run.

His wife Yukkiko could not walked away, was hid in dark,

of him planning to join search rescue party, but slumped

the moment he called: "I'm going to Tokyo."


That all he had said. His old friend James was aware

and they are Conan's friends could not leave

in lurch as they climb into private jet

which sending them to Tokyo joining mission,

door closed before jet depart

and fly to destination as no one knows in America

something stirred in Japan waiting for them

to confrontation, Black Organization

is in uproar, unknowingly attract foes


to their lair soon, but more to come-

Somewhere in scientist's Agasa's neighbor

sat Bourbon dutifully looking at cool cup

of alcoholic beverages which marked

name to his code name, how his action

told simile to uphold, of his great amusement.

That was what Haibara think of him

as member of B.O, no one knows.

The moment times has come, one see him

in different light, Haibara will change her mind.

In same time, she woke, faces greeted above, mind wind

back to earlier, hours ago as memory assault her

to gasp. Heiji looked relieved as question brewing.

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A/N: Urgh, I didn't forget this story! My mind is up to where the story leave open end for climax and rescuing, I hope I got numerals right, everything in future will be lot intense of this novel writing and poetry, everything will be coming down soon, it's totally new to me I'm getting into drift to have story up soon to satisfying end of contemporary poetry writing.




Everything is in haze, Haibara watched anxious faces

but doctors did not take any moment asking detectives

to leave, she had her round face buried under blanket

as no one could see her either crying. She was fortunate,

not kidnapped, but time did not spare what will happen

to Conan, detectives knew they can't dawdle and delay.


Time is now by Yusaku's side as he was now in plane

which taken him away to homeland, frowning, while could

not ask further aeroplane can sped up in bullet of light, would

be helpful, when it landed, first thing he did, was taking taxi

to his best friend scientist who was awaiting after receiving

his call, Yusaku made call after exiting arrival check out.


The police department finally picked up new lead,

despite higher ranks asked them not to, she was told and head

to tail Yusaku with curiosity, Takagi wonder why

but did not questioned any more when told not to vying

on Megure- he changed his mind joining to investigate off book.

"Aware of spy, I'm not the one you seek for tip off."

Satou looking up in wonder, as Megure vowed to take

responsibility if investigation gone south.

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A/N: I had not read any latest manga so going to catch up soon, don't forget this narrative is complete AU!




While investigation was still on twenty four hours,

kidnapper kept on driving, planning not to let down his

guard, but never thought of what next few days

will bring. The place he heading to, first thing he do

was to open boot to find his young captive, carrying

him to headquarter where he put him on big table.


Meanwhile, Vermouth found Gin, who didn't suspected

was the one who killed Conan's first captor earlier,

telling her kidnapping is last thing in mind, which pricked

him of irritation as reason not to let it rest on his assumption.

Gin figured on his own, realizing their boss also involved


as well, suspecting Vermouth after a long conversation.

They went to second headquarter, but Gin knew

he was followed- she was behind him, as they

on same route, she found on gunpoint, he played

dangerous game of Russian Roulette. Interrupted

by Vodka, who did not suspecting her much while

Gin holding his reservation, bringing in authority.

Action moved forward to ask their boss, when

Heiji and friends picked up Agasa's laptop,

that can traced to Conan's shoe as it was bug-planted.

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I won't repeat disclaimer, same thing! I don't own them.




It was Haibara's idea, of remembering Conan's shoe,

that jolted her memory of their neighbor,

was on their side, telling them he also was worried.

Heiji was told by him, as she asked to be discharged.

Doctor insisting she should stay overnight.

She said "Have no wishes in the dark hide

away from confrontation." She already resigned,

after having long conversation with professor.


Professor then took her home,

but to rejoin by Saburu, they weren't alone,

Haibara was still scared, with hand trembling.

"I have many thing to say to you both..." he confessing

as Heiji and boys looked apprehensive at him.

Heiji and friends watched defensively

but Shinichi's best friend won't let Saburu in easily.

Professor told them Saburu was their ally.


They looked at him with shock,

and Saburu smiled, as he owe them explanation.

He did. They later learn he had Conan's

shoe was planted with bug, professor turned surprised

of relevation being told but accepted his participation

was essential to rescue their detective.

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A/N: actually I have plot in mind for this narrative poetry and often ran away. Want to create best, and.... totally drag, writing epic isn't easy.


Being busy, and now come back, I have no intention to abandon, still working on this narrative!


As detective's capture, and absence had them

anxious, they had not rest, every moment

of twenty four hours. Kogoro was busy, and

Megure already traced and connecting dots.

Two important cops, Satou and Takagi were not

giving up, as they willing to work in team as supposed.


Yusaku's appearance was not deceiving, meaning-

he wasn't old to be actor, already have wife

who was born actress. He sense, somehow, all will coming

down... along with well connected friend, surely want evil's hide.

The destination they were looking for, reminded survivor's hunt.


A hope they were clinging, even faded dimly- but

only one who was nearest, Vermouth, you thought, heartless

she reminded of angelic girl, Ran, one who saved her.

Pill to her now was sickening. Immortality mean no love but stir

what keep The Organization going. Gin going to lose grip.

She did what she going to do, out of character, pointing gun-

when, Gin was resting, on sofa with eyes closed the moment, wanted it done.

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