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Just a opinion about ZARD

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So I've just started watching Detective Conan again since my hiatus about 2 months ago and I kinda grew on the group band "ZARD" that consists of 4 members and Izumi Sakai as the main vocalists.

At first I don't particularly enjoy ZARD's songs, especially (i know this'll probably trigger a lot of fans) the song "Unmei no Roulette Mawashite", well as time went by i grew on one song "Hoshi No Kagayakiyo" and "Natsu o Matsu Sail you ni" those songs really changed my perception about ZARD, and upon discovering those songs I searched a bit about ZARD on the internet and found out that Izumi Sakai herself had passed away at 27th May 2007 and her last song was "Glorious Mind" for the 21st opening song.


What I think really sets apart Izumi Sakai/ ZARD really really different among other singers, group bands, etc is the lack of public exposure. Rumours spread around who is Izumi Sakai, who is ZARD, and who is the girl in front of every ZARD's album. As those same rumours spread, people start to assume that ZARD is almost the same as the "Milli Vanilli" phenomenon, in which the person who appeared at the crowd is not the singer itself, and the real singer is more comfortable no one knowing.


In the song "Glorious Mind" it's as if Sakai was saying goodbye, "leave me here alone" "tomorrow's a different day" "and i know when i'm ready", those parts of the lyrics truly - truly hit me right at the feels. and the next thing we know that she had passed away not long after the recording.


So overall, ZARD is the embodiment of Izumi Sakai herself, and living as a singer with little to none public exposure can actually boosts it's popularity.

Thank you for reading, this is my first BTW
*Just a recommendation off topic, the song "Makenaide" became a phenomenon in Japan because it was released when Japan was struggling due to economy crisis, not only that it also helped a lot of people in which are the ones who were bullied, kids having a tough time, etc.

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Yea personally I found out about ZARD a while back.


Just recently I was rewatching episodes and searched up a couple other artists. 


For example, Miho Komatsu sung the OP3 of detective conan. 2006 was the last time she released a song. 2009 was the last time she updated her blog. According to wikipedia she never announced her retirement or hiatus but my guess is she's retired given the time that's passed. 


And I found out about her through the covers which La PomPon made for 2 of the earliest OP. One of them is OP 3 "Nazo" and the other is "Unmei no Roulette Mawashite" that you mentioned. Turns out La PomPon disbanded 3 years after their debut in 2015 (meaning 2018). Kinda sad to see artists come and go but I guess that's just time passing by. You wonder where these people go really.


We watch the show and hear their song/cover for a couple of episodes and then never again. They disappear into the background.


Sad that ZARD's career was cut short (My opinion) but I guess we can never have our way with things. 

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