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Detective Conan story arc- description

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My hobby is to create story arcs of my favourite series. I know that there is a timline page about it, but I thought that it lacks description. So, here it is. Tell me what you think


Conan arc

Kudo Shinnichi, a brilliant teenage detective, known for his deduction skills, is forced to take a strange pill by men wearing black. Instead of killing him, the pill turned him into a small kid. In order to regain his original form, Kudo needs to find the mysterious organization and stop their plans.

Haibara arc

Conan, previously Kudo, encounters an Organization member on the run, Shery, who is responsible for creation a drug that made him small. Now Conan has to do everything he can to keep her identity secret and uncover the unsaid truth about the Organization.

Vermouth arc

An organization member specialized in infiltration, Vermouth, arrives in Beika City in search for Sherry. Now Conan has to encounter new enemies and potential foes from other organizations. Will the new teacher be the witch in disguise or maybe someone closest to Conan?

Cell phone number arc

After the encounter with Vermouth, Haibara has to make an important decision. Meanwhile, Conan attempts to solve the mystery of the secret melody taht may lead him to the heart of the Organization.

Kir arc

After solving a minor case, Conan discovers the identity of a new Organization member who blended into society. The discovery leads him to stop an assassination attempt what later results in a direct confrontation with Gin and other dangerous members of the Organization. Now, Conan and the FBI agents must do everything they can to capture the new opponent, Kir.

Bourbon arc

After Akai's death and Kir's return to the Organization, Conan prepares for an encounter with Bourbon, the embodiment of Sherlock Holmes, who specializes in information gathering. Among all the suspects and possible assumptions there is nothing that can lead Conan to uncover his identity, except one thing. Their goal is to capture and kill Haibara. The battle of wits engages.

Rum arc

The showdown with Bourbon ended; however, another threat apperas out of nowhere. The closest advisor of the Organization's boss is on the move. His identity is unknown, and there only bits if information about his appearance, but the case from 17 years ago may lead Conan and his friends to discover who he is. Will Rum and Conan meet eye to eye?

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