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[SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 1,032–File 1,034: Class Trip to Gunma

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1. Please use spoiler boxes until a full English translation is available.

2. NO DIRECT LINK to any Japanese scans (RAWs) or English scans (Japanese spoiler images are allowed as long as the amount and quality of which are very far away from a full scan).



Just simply type the following:

[spoiler]Text you want to write[/spoiler]

Here's a teaser of 1,032, courtesy of @Wsstalkback—the translation is courtesy of Spimer:



"Preview of next Conan case:
DBs, Kobayashi and Rumi (and rest of class) go to Gunma Prefecture to pick up wild vegetables, But there might be some trouble there..."



1,032 spoiler pics now out:



Here's the schedule for DC releases for the next month:
Week of April 5th – 1,032
Week of April 12th – Break
Week of April 19th – 1,033
Week of April 26th – Break (Magazine Break due to SS Double Issue)
Week of May 2nd – 1,034

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Apologies for the double post.


A blurry spoiler pic from 1,033 is now out:




Rumi is having a flashback of Kōji Haneda, in which he's talking to her and showing her the Ryuma shogi piece. (At least, I presume he's talking to her and showing her the Ryuma piece)

She drops to her knees, clutching her right eye.



And here's a less blurry version of the spoiler pic (plus another one):




Now that the image isn't blurry as all heck, it turns out that side of the Shogi bishop piece Kōji is showing off isn't the promoted side (Ryūma/Uma)—the side he's displaying is the unpromoted side (Kakugyō/Kaku).


And here's a translation of the two spoiler pics, courtesy of Fujiwara:


page 10:

Haneda: "The future holds a good move..."

Haneda: "for the watchtower bishop"...

[TN: “Watchtower bishop” (遠見の角) refers to playing the bishop in your own half of the board, where it can exert its influence over the enemy pieces.]

Haneda: Are you saying...

Haneda: you will kill me despite that?

Rumi (thoughts): Such a foolish guy...

Rumi (thoughts): Foolish...

Rumi (thoughts): Fool...

Page 11:

Koba: Are you alright, Wakasa-sensei?

Rumi: Y-yeah...

Rumi: I've been somewhat anemic recently...

Conan (thoughts): She's been suppressing her eye...

Conan (thoughts): So as I thought...

Conan (thoughts): the impairment of her right eye...

Guy: Inspector!

Guy: Following the marks of the corpse being dragged, we found a holiday villa behind the woods...

Yamamura: A villa?

Guy: And what's more, that villa...

Guy: Belongs to this man, who was killed!

Yama: Eeeh?!


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