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[SPOILER] Movie 23- The Fist of Blue Sapphire discussion

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The new trailer was... interesting.



I hope this movie won't be as action-based as Zero the Enforcer, but with Kid and Makoto both on screen... well... what else are there to expect?


There was also that scene when Ran was with Shinichi at the rooftop swimming pool that kind of bothered me. Due to there being literally no way Ai would give the antidote to Conan again (and those of you who did watch the trailer, you know "Arthur" is going to appear, so there's probably no chance of Conan turning into Shinichi), that Shinichi has to be Kid, which means Movie 23 will be Movie 14 all over again. 


I just HATE it when Kid does that. I know Shinichi is the easiest disguise to fix up, but does he really have to manipulate Ran too? Like, goodness sake, Kid, you've got Aoko, stop messing with Ran.


But then again, this is also kind of Ran's fault, too. She never learns, doesn't she?


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